About Us

GharSeNaukri is the company that stands for innovation, optimism, and above all for WOMEN.

Would you like to Work from home? Be your own boss? Look, feel and live better, all while earning and learning? You can with GharSeNaukri! Whatever background or walk of life, we know we have created a job opportunity whereas you can earn the financial rewards you desire and that too from the comfort of your home.

We, at GharSeNaukri will support you through every step of your journey to success. Your responsibility will be to set some exciting goals, manage your time and keep a positive attitude knowing that with consistent and persistent effort you will succeed.

GharSeNaukri has come up with a comprehensive platform devoted exclusively forwomen to serious, legitimate ways to make money from home. Females who are passionate about work get access to career resources, information and community sharing. We help women attain career success on their own terms.

We welcome women professionals across levels, stages and sectors to pro-actively access the largest opportunities for women seeking options at various life stages. There is a diverse and large range of opportunities to pick from - these include opportunities with women friendly employers, flex friendly formats, partnership programs and more.

It takes only readiness to start work. Earn good income - from your home.