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Want to know how a freelancer works, want advice if your are restarting your career, have queries on how to be a digital mum, want to know about how to start a franchise, need an advice on correct investments.

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"Work hard in Silence, Let Success make the noise". Hear from women... how THEY have been the change!, positive impact of earning, stay-at-home-mum/I-am-my-own boss...stories which shows grit,

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It's now time to achieve a perfect work/life balance. For every woman who aspires to excel and can fearlessly accept challenges, GSN career portal offers a multitude of opportunities for a cross-section of women workforce.

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GSN is a one stop portal which is a comprehensive resource for women from various walks of life. Women nurture and create home and have all the capability to create a beautiful community model.

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Job Opportunities Job Opportunities

  • Bangalore (Karnataka)

  • 23-04-2018

  • Bangalore (Maharashtra)

  • 16-04-2018

  • Ahmedabad (Maharashtra)

  • 16-04-2018

  • Bangalore (Maharashtra)

  • 16-04-2018

  • Bangalore (Karnataka)

  • 13-04-2018

  • Bangalore (Karnataka)

  • 13-04-2018

  • Chennai (Tamil Nadu)

  • 12-04-2018

  • Chennai (Tamil Nadu)

  • 12-04-2018

  • Kalyan (Maharashtra)

  • 30-03-2018

  • Chennai (Tamil Nadu)

  • 27-03-2018

  • Ahmedabad (Gujarat)

  • 27-03-2018

  • Chintamani (Karnataka)

  • 27-03-2018

  • Bhopal (Madhya Pradesh)

  • 27-03-2018

  • Bareilly (Uttar Pradesh)

  • 20-03-2018

  • Delhi (Delhi-NCR)

  • 24-04-2018

  • Navi Mumbai (Maharashtra)

  • 23-04-2018

  • Dombivli (Maharashtra)

  • 23-04-2018

  • Mumbai (Maharashtra)

  • 23-04-2018

  • Mumbai (Maharashtra)

  • 23-04-2018

  • Mumbai (Maharashtra)

  • 23-04-2018

  • Mumbai (Maharashtra)

  • 23-04-2018

  • Other (Goa)

  • 23-04-2018

  • Ahmedabad (Gujarat)

  • 23-04-2018

  • Ahmednagar (Maharashtra)

  • 23-04-2018

  • Ahmedabad (Gujarat)

  • 23-04-2018

  • Ahmedabad (Gujarat)

  • 21-04-2018

  • Ahmedabad (Haryana)

  • 21-04-2018

  • Ahmedabad (Gujarat)

  • 20-04-2018

  • Ahmedabad (Gujarat)

  • 20-04-2018

  • Ahmedabad (Gujarat)

  • 20-04-2018

  • Ahmedabad (Gujarat)

  • 20-04-2018

  • Gurgaon (Haryana)

  • 11-04-2018

  • Gurgaon (Haryana)

  • 07-04-2018

  • Gurgaon (Haryana)

  • 06-04-2018

  • Delhi (Delhi-NCR)

  • 05-04-2018

  • Ahmedabad (Gujarat)

  • 05-04-2018

  • Mumbai (Maharashtra)

  • 04-04-2018

  • Delhi (Delhi-NCR)

  • 02-04-2018

  • Bangalore (Karnataka)

  • 23-04-2018

  • Bangalore (Maharashtra)

  • 16-04-2018

  • Ahmedabad (Maharashtra)

  • 16-04-2018

  • Bangalore (Maharashtra)

  • 16-04-2018

  • Bangalore (Karnataka)

  • 13-04-2018

  • Bangalore (Karnataka)

  • 13-04-2018

  • Chennai (Tamil Nadu)

  • 12-04-2018

  • Chennai (Tamil Nadu)

  • 12-04-2018

Business Opportunities Business Opportunities

Programs Empowering Women

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GharSeNaukri com Largest Online Community and Career Platform for Women

We are an online community for women. We are the largest caRead More...

Learn English with EnglishHelper

The ability to speak well in English is a valuable skill toRead More...

Why Women Should Go On A Yoga Retreat Visit Karmic Routes and GharSeNaukri for More Details

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GharSeNaukri com Partners with Leading Companies to Enable Women to Leverage the Growing Freelancing Market in India

Companies in India are slowly moving over to the flexible jRead More...

Top 5 Reasons to be a Travel Consultant Work Earn and Have Fun at the Comforts of your Home

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Be a Certified Addup Maths Teacher and Run Your Own Learning Center

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Importance of English in the Lives of Indian Housewives What can Indian Housewives Gain from Learning English

We cannot deny how important the English language has becomRead More...

Learn to Speak English in Few Weeks Once in a Lifetime Opportunity for Indian Housewives to be an English Speaking Expert

The English Language plays an important role in our life aRead More...
get-online-training-home-digital-mom-gharsenaukri-comJobs for Women

Get Online Training from Home to be a Digital Mom from GharSeNaukri com

Today is an age where technology has changed the way we worRead More...
top-10-popular-work-home-jobs-indiaCareer Advice

The Top 10 Popular Work-From Home Jobs in India

The Top 10 Popular Work-From Home Jobs in India With the growing need Read More...
education-counselor-psychologist-one-lucrative-flexible-job-options-womenCareer Advice

Education Counselor or Psychologist One of the Most Lucrative Flexible Job Options for Women

A graduate degree in Psychology opens up several interesting opportunities for a candidateRead More...
exactly-role-holiday-consultantEmployers Connect

What Exactly is the Role of a Holiday Consultant

top-5-reasons-professional-women-taking-mid-career-breakCareer Advice

Top 5 Reasons for Professional Women Taking a Mid-Career Break

Taking a career break has become a common scenario in todays job market today. While we tRead More...
yoga-popular-flexible-job-option-women-work-part-time-earn-stay-healthyCareer Advice

Yoga a Popular Flexible Job Option for Women Work Part time Earn and Stay Healthy

nutritionist-profession-perfect-work-home-job-part-time-job-womanCareer Advice

Nutritionist Profession A Perfect Work from Home Job or a Part-time Job for a Woman

Nutritionist Profession: A Perfect Work from Home Job or a Part-time Job for a WomRead More...

Be a Travel Consultant and Work from Home A Wonderful Job Opportunity for Women

Are you a travel freak? Do you love reading/ gaining knowleRead More...

Lose Belly Fat On Your Chair in 4 Simple Ways While Working From Home

Whether you work from home or in the office, you need to beRead More...
cartier-entrepreneurship-award-2-indian-womenWomen Empowerment

Two Indian Women Entrepreneurs as Finalists for 2018 Cartier Entrepreneurship Award

It feels good when you see Indians being recognized for theRead More...
relationship-manager-work-from-homeJobs for Women

Be a Relationship Manager and Work from Home Associate with SmartRupee com and GharSeNaukri com

Many professional women have the misconception that when th
apply-telecommuting-jobs-gharsenaukri-comJobs for Women

It Helps You Save Money When You Work from Home Apply for Telecommuting Jobs Now at GharSeNaukri com

Telecommuting job, better known as work-from-home or workin
gharsenaukri-com-helps-women-entrepreneurs-arrange-funds-for-businessBusiness Opportunity for Women

GharSeNaukri com in association with Smartrupee com helps Women Entrepreneurs to Arrange Funds for their Business is one of its kind of an online platform, Read More...

India s Unique Portal Assuring Empowerment of Indian Women through Work-from-Home Jobs Skills and Entrepreneurship


A Day in the Life of a Working Mom Challenges Faced By Working Moms at Home and Office

There is no denying the fact Indian mothers have to fight cRead More...

Meet Delhi Based Entrepreneur Deepanjali Dalmia Founder of Heyday Eco-friendly Sanitary Pad Brand

She is Deepanjali Dalmia from Delhi. A Columbia University Read More...
squadrun-helping-women-make-money-comfort-homesCareer Advice

How SquadRun Is Helping Women Make Money From The Comfort Of Their Homes

Satabdi and Priyanka, two sisters originally from Tripura,

Get a Breath of Fresh Air into Your Homes 5 Popular Air Purifying Indoor Plants

Alot has been heard about pollution level going up in the Read More...
direct-sales-associate-work-home-entrepreneurJobs for Women

Be a Direct Sales Associate with Royal Prestige Cookware Work from Home and Be an Entrepreneur

Here is another chance for women to work according to theirRead More...

How to Regain your Self-Confidence Some Simple Tips to be a Stronger You

A woman is always considered as a multi-tasker - managing hRead More...
job-portal-women-offering-work-home-jobsBusiness Opportunity for Women

GharSeNaukri com India s Unique Job Portal for Women Offering Work from Home Jobs was incepted in the year 2014 as the only Read More...
best-working-schedule-momsCareer Advice

Which is the Best Working Schedule for Moms Check Out Alternative Working Schedules for Work for Home Moms

New moms who want to join back to work are nowadays weighinRead More...
tele-calling-jobs-women-call-earn-homeCareer Advice

Tele Calling Jobs for Women Call and Earn From Home

In the age of todays highly competitive markets, the thumb rule to be successful is to maRead More...
flexible-working-arrangementsCareer Advice

What is Flexible Working Different Types of Flexible Working Arrangements for Work from Home Women

While in the US and other Western countries, flexible working has become a norm for most pRead More...
successful-career-mentor-career-mentor-work-homeJobs for Women

How to be a Successful Career Mentor Be a Career Mentor and Work from Home

A career mentor is one of the upcoming jobs in the present day job market. With so many coRead More...
maintain-healthy-lifestyle-working-from-homeHealth Tips

How to Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle While Working from Home

So you have made this decision to start working from home? You left your full-time job witRead More...

Sell Premium Brands from Home and Earn upto 10k Per Month

The thought of earning some extra money, while staying at home, is always great. So, how aRead More...
teacher-partner-learning-360-work-home-earn-money-enroll-gharsenaukri-comJobs for Women

Be a Teacher Partner with Learning 360 Work from Home and Earn Money Enroll at GharSeNaukri com

Are you a teacher by profession and now at sabbatical? Are you a graduate or a post graduaRead More...
2017-forbes-top-100-powerful-women-world-includes-5-indian-womenWomen Empowerment

2017 Forbes Top 100 Powerful Women in the World Includes 5 Indian Women

Every year, Forbes magazine releases its list of top 100 powerful women in the world in vaRead More...
gharsenaukri-ready-knock-doors-real-indiaJobs for Women

GharSeNaukri is ready to knock the doors of Real India

mompreneur-learn-entrepreneurship-online-mompreneur-gharsenaukri-comBusiness Opportunity for Women

How to be a Mompreneur Learn Entrepreneurship Online Be A Mompreneur from GharSeNaukri com

successful-indian-women-entrepreneurs-successful-online-start-upsWomen Empowerment

Successful Indian Women Entrepreneurs with their Successful Online Start-Ups

wooplr-manages-start-online-boutique-zero-investment-women-homeBusiness Opportunity for Women

Start your Online Boutique with ZERO Investment for Women at Home with Wooplr

meet-rajlakshmi-d-borthakur-founder-ceo-terrablue-xt-social-entrepreneur-differenceWomen Empowerment

Meet Rajlakshmi D Borthakur Founder and CEO of TerraBlue XT a Social Entrepreneur with a Difference

get-online-training-home-tutoring-start-working-home-home-tutorsJobs for Women

Get Online Training for Home Tutoring and Start Working from Home as Home Tutors

tele-calling-jobs-women-call-earn-home-gharsenaukriJobs for Women

Tele Calling Jobs for Women Call and Earn From Home GharSeNaukri

can-reselling-help-earn-30k-month-homeBusiness Opportunity for Women

How can Reselling Help You Earn 30k a Month from Home


How to Manage a Work-From-Home Job with a New-Born Baby

You are a new mother. You are on a 6-month maternity leave which is almost over. But you hRead More...

KYC Aadhaar Linking Mandatory GSN Facilitates in Making the Linking Process Easier and Safer


Tumhari Sulu A Movie Which Many Indian Housewives Relate To

With the recent release of the movie Tumhari Sulu by writer-director Suresh Triveni, staRead More...
five-things-women-entrepreneurship-modi-government-stressWomen Empowerment

Five Things of Women Entrepreneurship that the Modi Government Should Stress On

In the recently concluded Global Entrepreneurship Summit (GES) in Hyderabad, Prime MinisteRead More...

How to Restart Your Second Career

Career break is very common in todays professional lives. There are many reasons when a pRead More...

What Should be the Salary of a Homemaker

When Manushi Chillar was asked her final question in Miss World 2017 pageant on whichRead More...

What To Do When You Are On A Career Break

Top 9 Exciting Things To Do You are in that professional phase of yourRead More...

Which Profession Deserves the Highest Salary and Why Motherhood

She was asked Which Profession Deserves the Highest Salary and Why? Read More...

Flexible Employment in India A Rising Trend


So ladies always dream to achieve big in life

Mrs. D Jyothi Reddy: From an Agricultural Labourer to a CEO in USA MeRead More...

How to Maintain a Perfect Work Life Balance When You Work from Home


10 Success Tips for a Work from Home Mom


Meet Swati Kaushal Bestselling Indian Author Who Left Her Job to Follow Her Dreams

Can anyone ever imagine that someone would leave his /her prestigious, secured job in a reRead More...
top-6-policies-adopted-hindustan-unilever-maintain-work-life-balanceWomen Empowerment

Top 6 Policies Adopted by Hindustan Unilever to Maintain Work Life Balance


Awarded as Promising Job Portal for Year 2017 A first of its kind marketplace for employers to find women professionals to work from home


Learn New Skills at Home and Earn Money Online Training Programs by GharSeNaukri

work-home-earn-money-holiday-consultant-sotcJobs for Women

Work from Home and Earn Money Be a Holiday Consultant with SOTC

meet-mrs-anamika-majumdar-kaun-banega-crorepati-2017-winner-rs-1-croreWomen Empowerment

Meet Mrs Anamika Majumdar Kaun Banega Crorepati 2017 Winner of Rs 1 Crore

It is said that when you have the dreams to do big and the wings to fly to reach your dreaRead More...
invest-future-tips-accumulate-free-start-capital-women-want-start-freshBusiness Opportunity for Women

Invest in your future tips on how to accumulate free start-up capital for all women who want to start fresh


Working From Home sharing thoughts on Health Benefits with Copper and its essential nutrient

Copper Health Benefits: Copper is an essential nutrient and therefore Read More...
start-freelancing-without-knowing-foreign-languagesJobs for Women

How to Start Freelancing Without Knowing Foreign Languages

Language is our primary source of communication. No one caRead More...

How To Hire Talented Freelancers


Training and Skill Development Programs for Work From Home from GharSeNaukri com

GharSeNaukri (GSN) is a unique portal to empower competent
am-powered-do-you-believe-itWomen Empowerment

AM POWERED Do You Believe it


Be a Planet Spark Teacher Home Tutor in Gurgaon Gurugram

Start

Motherhood Love Begins And Ends Here

GharSeNaukri Celebrating Mother's Week :-) The beautiful woman who takes us in her armsRead More...
home-vs-career-epic-battle-continues-womenWomen Empowerment

Home vs Career Epic Battle Continues for Women

Can women battle stereotypes? Is a woman assertive enough to lead? If a woman has a succesRead More...
returning-professional-second-avtarJobs for Women

Returning Professional a Second avtar

programs-empowering-women-gharsenaukri-portal-work-home-home-based-entrepreneursBusiness Opportunity for Women

Programs Empowering Women GharSeNaukri Portal for Work From Home and Home Based Entrepreneurs

Our Services is Our Passion Work from Home woman improves their community and family liRead More...
oziva-fit-fun-momBusiness Opportunity for Women

OZiva Fit And Fun Mom Working from Home

Marguerite Duras, French novelist and experimental filmmaker had rightly said Mothers remRead More...
empowering-women-entrepreneurs-world-heritage-dayBusiness Opportunity for Women

Empowering Women Entrepreneurs On World Heritage Day

World Heritage Day (WHD) is celebrated globally on April 18th to encourage local communitiRead More...

The SocioDigi Super Mom - Be Social Mom Be a Digital Mom Learn Social Networking Learn Digital Marketing from GharSeNaukri com

can-freelancers-add-value-organizationEmployers Connect


indira-mompreneur-working-homeBusiness Opportunity for Women

Indira Mompreneur Working from Home

Indira Sharma, a woman of substance is a true embodiment of what her name Indira means-SpRead More...

Women Entrepreneurs in Economic Development

lets-step-gender-equalityWomen Empowerment

Let s Step It Up for Gender Equality

flintbox-aspiring-entrepreneurs-by-gharsenaukriJobs for Women

An opportunity to all aspiring entrepreneurs with a passion in teaching and child development to start a play centre right from their homes with GharSeNaukri

customer-service-executive-women-urban-ladder-with-gharsenaukriJobs for Women

Customer Service Executive GharSeNaukri is offering an opportunity to Women with Urban Ladder

looking-start-entrepreneurial-journeyBusiness Opportunity for Women

Looking to Start Your Entrepreneurial Journey

women-entrepreneurs-weaving-changeWomen Empowerment

Women Entrepreneurs Weaving A Change

join-work-home-recruitment-team-gharsenaukri-comJobs for Women

Join our Work From Home Recruitment Team from GharSeNaukri com

social-mission-gharse-naukriWomen Empowerment

Social Mission of GharSeNaukri - Building Stronger Relations for aWoman. Classical Read More...
insights-women-workforce-scenarioWomen Empowerment

Insights into Women Workforce Scenario

gharsenaukri-enabling-women-empowerment-indiaWomen Empowerment

GharSeNaukri Enabling Women Empowerment in India

women-potential-resource-organisationWomen Empowerment

Women - A Potential Resource for an Organisation

connecting-gharsenaukri-com-free-portal-employers-connect-engage-women-communityEmployers Connect

Connecting with GharSeNaukri com Free Portal for Employers to Connect and Engage Women Community

work-home-females-can-make-good-incomeJobs for Women

How Work from home for Females can make a good income

It is not necessary that to travel kilometers everyday to a workplace to get paychecks creRead More...
females-say-returning-professional-jobsJobs for Women

This is what Females should say about Returning Professional jobs

work-home-jobs-women-need-know-get-started-right-nowJobs for Women

These work from home jobs for women are all you need to know to get started right now

freelance-jobs-women-becoming-favorite-among-womenJobs for Women

Why Freelance Jobs for Women are becoming favorite among women

women-power-with-gharsenaukriWomen Empowerment

Women know the extent of their power

meena-running-her-business-gharse-in-true-senseBusiness Opportunity for Women

Meena running her business GharSe in True Sense

she-believed-she-could-so-she-didWomen Empowerment

She believed She could So She did


Opportunities for Sr Citizens

Breaking news from GharSeNaukri
gharsenaukri-is-helping-companies-become-more-productive-and-profitable-2Employers Connect

GharSeNaukri is helping companies become more productive and profitable

In India many women never get the opportunity to get work, simply because of social constrRead More...
if-you-have-writer-in-you-there-are-content-writing-jobs-in-india-3Jobs for Women

If you have writer in you there are content writing jobs in India

It is now all over the place and everyone is talking about the fact Read More...
women-are-filling-void-in-job-market-and-in-return-companies-are-getting-higher-productivityEmployers Connect

Women are Filling Void in Job Market and in return companies are getting higher productivity

Many businesses are looking to set up
is-india-listening-there-are-16-crore-women-waiting-to-join-the-work-force-2Women Empowerment

Is India Listening there are 16 Crore Women waiting to join the Work Force

India is one such country which simply cannot ignore that fact there are lot of women and Read More...
why-flexible-working-hours-are-good-for-company-and-womenWomen Empowerment

Why Flexible working hours are good for Company and Women

The aim of any organization is to make profit and for that they would need good employees.Read More...
india-has-a-workforce-waiting-to-breakthrough-and-they-are-womenWomen Empowerment

India has a Workforce waiting to breakthrough and they are Women

Our economy is on the upswing and it has been said India has the worlds highest number ofRead More...
how-working-part-time-has-invigorated-women-family-and-companies-in-indiaJobs for Women

How working part time has invigorated women family and Companies in India

There was a time in India when the moment marriage was fixed and if the girl was working tRead More...
there-is-direct-correlation-between-women-having-a-job-and-empowermentWomen Empowerment

There is Direct Correlation between Women having a Job and Empowerment

People often turn sceptic when a co- relationship between women empowerment and employmentRead More...
women-in-the-workplaceWomen Empowerment

Women in the workplace

Women remain underrepresented across organizationsespecially at senior levels of leadershRead More...

Credihealth collaborates with GharSeNaukri to benefit Stay-At-Home moms

A normal day in the life of a person living in a metropolitan city, usually involves consuRead More...
gharsenaukri-to-help-women-showcase-their-talentJobs for Women

GharSeNaukri to Help Women Showcase their talent

There are various online job portals active online that support women empowerment by direcRead More...
if-you-have-a-skill-gharsenaukri-has-a-jobJobs for Women

If you have a Skill GharSeNaukri has a Job

Are you a dynamic candidate with intangible skills and seek a balance between your domestiRead More...
gharsenaukri-a-catalyst-for-job-opportunity-domestic-stabilityEmployers Connect

GharSeNaukri a Catalyst for Job Opportunity Domestic Stability

Before opting for a job opportunity, women are likely to consider a few significant aspectRead More...
gharsenaukri-for-safe-and-secure-working-environment-for-higher-productivityWomen Empowerment

GharSeNaukri for Safe and Secure Working Environment for Higher Productivity

With growing crime rates and occurrences of rapes in the society, its hard for a woman toRead More...
make-money-out-of-being-a-fashion-style-expert-fashion-blogger-with-gharsenaukriBusiness Opportunity for Women

Make Money out of Being a Fashion Style Expert Fashion Blogger with GharSeNaukri

While most jobs require you to hold an office, with the concept of work from home, a lot oRead More...
gharsenaukri-provides-online-jobs-for-talent-acquisitionJobs for Women

GharSeNaukri provides Online Jobs for Talent Acquisition

There is a growing uncertainty about the recognition of female talent in the corporate worRead More...
be-the-pride-of-your-childrenWomen Empowerment

Be the pride of your children

In hindsight, women have always struggled for equal rights. Maybe equality in essence is mRead More...

Ghar se naukri and Make in India A joint endeavor

They all loved her creativity but when it came to selling it in the market, they all had pRead More...
gharsenaukri-and-children-a-direct-impact-in-the-child-overall-growthWomen Empowerment

GharSeNaukri and children- A direct impact in the child overall growth

And the stars blinked as they watched her carefully; jealous of the way she shone. Isnt tRead More...

GharSeNaukri is Women Empowerment

Women empowerment means too many things. It means educating girl child, giving equal rightRead More...

Women and financial independence - A direct impact in the family relations

Every society needs a churning up from time to time to keep it in sync with changing scenaRead More...
gharsenaukri-wants-to-tap-into-indias-hidden-women-workforceWomen Empowerment

GharSeNaukri wants to tap into India s Hidden Women Workforce

India has seen an astronomical growth in the field of education in the last two decades anRead More...
age-is-just-a-number-work-earn-even-after-retirementJobs for Women

Age is just a number Work Earn even after retirement

Do you think there can be an age for retirement? Organizations may have stipulated an age Read More...
want-to-be-a-part-time-web-designer-or-graphic-artist-gharsenaukri-gives-you-the-opportunityJobs for Women

Want to be a Part Time Web Designer or Graphic Artist GharseNaukri gives you the Opportunity

The world has been going through the IT revolution for the past two decades in a big way. Read More...
work-part-time-earn-extra-be-independent-with-gharsenaukriJobs for Women

Work Part Time Earn Extra Be Independent with GharseNaukri

Unless you are born with a silver spoon, making ends meet might be your whole time occupatRead More...
bored-housewives-now-have-an-opportunity-to-work-from-homeJobs for Women

Bored Housewives now have an Opportunity to Work from Home

So you are a housewife who has chosen to sacrifice a career and stay at home for the sake Read More...

Best Jobs for Freelancers and Stay at Home Moms GharseNaukri

Statistics say, almost 60% of Indian women quit their job after marriage or after childbirRead More...
women-can-now-work-from-the-comfort-of-their-homesJobs for Women

Women can now Work from the Comfort of their Homes

Indian society has seen a sea change in the last two decades and women have succeeded in mRead More...
stay-home-to-spend-time-with-your-kids-and-also-keep-the-professional-in-you-aliveWomen Empowerment

Stay Home to spend time with your Kids and also Keep the Professional in you Alive

So you have decided to quit a job and stay at home because you need to be with your growinRead More...

Tired of Retirement Become a Freelancer with GharSeNaukri

Organizations may have an age of retirement but there is no cut-off age in life that stopsRead More...

Work as a Part Time Tutor from Home

If you are a college going girl, a married lady or a retired woman, who is exploring possiRead More...

Planning not to Work Full Time after Child Birth Then GharSeNaukri is the Answer

Congratulations to you on becoming a proud mom or a proud mom to be! Its the greatest expRead More...

Balance Domestic Responsibilities and Work Part Time with GharSeNaukri

The great thing about Indian girls and women is that they are multi-talented. It is in ourRead More...

Think you can be a Content Writer GharseNaukri offers Part Time jobs for women

If you are housewife, a college girl or even a working lady who has enough time at hand toRead More...

Introducing GharSeNaukri com An initiative towards Women Empowerment

Jobs from home pave the way for housewives to achRead More...

Working home-bound

When you're a stay-at-home mom, you've got a full-time job. In fact, most stay-at-home momRead More...

GharSeNaukri com an Initiative for Women Empowerment

Women are leaders everywhere you lookfrom the CEO who runs a Fortune 500 company to a houRead More...

GharSeNaukri is helping companies become more productive and profitable


Community Development

119134 Business
Fashion and Interior Products
I am Post Graduate looking for start up with Fashion products and Interior Related work. Read More...
119086 Business
I am a stay at home mother. formerly an entrepreneur running my own design firm, then moved onto working for a publication house Dorling kinderseleRead More...
119079 Business
graphic designing
i am professional graphic designer. I worked on many designing projects. I will help you to make an attractive , meaningful logo with good combinatRead More...
119001 Business
Doctor Health consultant
I am a homeopathic doctor with 15+years of experience. I also do healthy lifestyle consultations/counselling. Eat healthy and stay fit. Also, Read More...
118383 Business
Chartered Accountant
I am CHartered Accountant with Post Qualification experience of 6 years. ALso CISA qualified Read More...
118368 Business
Finance Professional
Accounts professional working in a reputed organisation (Hospital Industry) wish to do Work From Home assignments/start enterpreunership. Highly moRead More...
116925 Business
Meher classes
hey , I am having an experience of more the 5 years in teaching .I am Specalized in Economics and Business Studies . Read More...
116511 Business
urban srishti nutrition
Hello guys , my name is srishti nag ..i am an athelete and national swimmer ..i have got idea to help other fellows who are struggling toRead More...
116475 Workshop
Web And Graphic
I have 3+years experience in web and graphics 
116308 Workshop
Info tech
NAVJEET KAUR ADDRESS:- 552/3, B-23, Chandigarh Road, Shivalik Avenue        Read More...
115107 Business
Experienced Teacher
116181 Business
arts and crafts
Iam self confident, hard working women, skilled expert in ARTS & CRAFT WORKS my jobs are: ART WORKS PAINTING WORKRead More...
116048 Business
Madhubani painting by Seema Kashyap
Seema Kashyap’ s journey in Art is a journey of perservance, struggle , constant learning and arriving at a signature style unique of her ownRead More...
115981 Business
Freelance Academic writer
Introducing Edu-fun worksheets for grades LKG-Grade 8 Edu-fun provides worksheets based on the syllabus designed grade-wise. We prepare wRead More...
114750 Business
Self bussiness as a Distributor . Selling Spice Products (Chili Powder, Coriander Powder, Tarmeric Powder, Garam Masala Powder) on the Shop and takRead More...
115264 Business
She Means Entrepreneur
Hey We are working in a big project of  vision 5 yr with in this period of time put your all passion into  it after this nothinRead More...
114797 Workshop
Content writing
Content writing
114393 Workshop
Dear Sir/Mam,                     My name is Shobha and I am working as a Graphic DesigRead More...
114393 Business
Self Employed Business
Dear Sir/Mam,                     My name is Shobha and I am working as a Graphic DesigRead More...
114447 Business
Start selling online by your brand products
We require a team of people in all cities, pan-India, who want to start their own business without investment.  Read More...
114259 Business
bags adda
we are mumbai based manufacturing company of bags and accessories, we rae starting online sales portal.for that we needed a perosn who can handle tRead More...
113524 Workshop
Shalan Print
I am a multidisciplinary graphic artist and I work with varied styles and techniques. I have designed quite a number of materials and commercials lRead More...
113524 Business
All Creative Works
I am a Freelance Artist, very passionate about designing so ended up choosing this career. I believe in Give-Take Inspiration. There is a lot to leRead More...
113001 Business
Ladies Garment Shoppee
Dear Friends, Since long I was passionate about my own boutique to keep unique collection of  Read More...
112478 Business
I am a housewife interested in running a pre-school. Read More...
MIAMI SHOME  P 17, Subhra, Tilottama Abasan, Shekihpara Road, PoBox: Brahmapur, Kolkata – 700096Read More...
111585 Business
School psychologist
Psychologist
111560 Business
Pranic Healer
Pinkky conducts talks, orientation programmes and meditation sessions of Pranic Healing for individuals and Corporates. These help with stress manaRead More...
111556 Business
cherubsclub com
A work from home opportunity If you have a passion for nurturing young minds between 2-10 yrs of age with activities, fun and games join as a partnRead More...
110848 Business
Looking for Women to Setup a Cooperative for Retail Dairy Brand in Mawana Meerut
Looking for Women to Setup a Cooperative for Retail Dairy Brand in Mawana Meerut Women, Females, Married Women Interested in forming CoopRead More...
Content writing
My name is Rita sanyal, l am a graduate from Delhi university in humanities apart from this I also hold a diploma in German language from Max MuellRead More...
110515 Business
Graphic Designing
Hello,          I am Priti Arakh form pune. I have a 5 years experience in graphic designing. I aRead More...
Work from home opportunity for all ladies JOIN ORIFLAME FOR FREE #50 YEARS COMPARead More...
88471 Business
Whatsapp me at 8700102119 I am looking for 20 next females moms girls who would be interested in working from home who are well equipped with so More...
88409 Business
A person with a busniness set Mind.Outgoing.
88154 Workshop
Fashion and design
designing boutique
87513 Business
Toure and Trevell devepolment
Dear Sir, I am keen interested to work from my home with full dedication and interest to achieve my goal. I promose that you will not be Read More...
87330 Business
Business Consultants
Presently , a part of recruitment business having a handful clients , and running the business with my partners. Having estRead More...
87225 Business
www movingpointdesigns com
Hi! I'm Dola from Moving Point Designs, Kolkata, India. We have a professional team with me working on various projects on web as well as graphRead More...
87182 Business
DevOps Training course in hyderabad
The DevOps training in Hyderabad is aimed at giving you an in-depth introductory undRead More...
87043 Business
Freelancer recruiters
87013 Business
Join Jevelen Earn Money 15000-25000 Monthly Part Time Work
Australian Cubic Zirconia & Rhodium Jewelery Brand JEVELEN Now In India , Work from Home Read More...
87013 Business
Join JEVELEN Earn 15000-25000 Rs Monthly Part Time Work For Womens
Australian Cubic Zirconia & Rhodium Jewelery Brand JEVELEN Now In India , Work from Home No InvestmentRead More...
85288 Business
Accounting Service provider
We Provide all accounting services on Daily, Weekly, Monthly Basis. Prepairing weekly, Monthly MIS,Responsible for TDS, VAT return. Read More...
Unique Earning Opportunity
Contribute to your family income by working with most trusted financial organization in India. No need to compromise on Time with family. You Read More...
86383 Business
Founder of a Fashion Label called POSH ATTIRE
Hi, I have done Fashion Management Student from NIFT, worked into the apparel sector for 3 years and have performed different roles into mechaRead More...
86372 Business
GharSeNaukri is Committed to Promote Women Entrepreneurs from home. GharSeNaukri is driving the Business Programs for&nbRead More...
85491 Business
Creative bug
Handmade products
84930 Business
Start a flipClass Center at your home
Do you like teaching young children? Is math and science your favourite subjects? Are you creative and want to work from home?Read More...
84918 Business
Python Training In Hyderabad
Python Training In Hyderabad by RCP te
Maharashtrian snack
Hi,  We are dealing with the Maharashtrian snacks,  we do the manufacturing for same  Read More...
84082 Business
GDC Graphic Designing Services
Hello,     I am here at your service as a Professional Graphic Designer under "GDC - Graphic designing & services" .&nRead More...
83855 Workshop
Hello Everyone, We run Drawing Classes in Pune. Every month we conduct painting workshop for People Who like and loveRead More...
83636 Business
Interior Designing
I am a qualified Interior Designer (acheived Outstanding Grade) and having my own initiative "Space N Design" at Hyderabad. &nbsRead More...
3787 Workshop
Workshops for Women
Workshops on Image Consulting,Personality Development and Public Speaking by Grab this opportRead More...
3787 Workshop
Learn Chocolate Making Offline or Online Register to Join the Community
Learn Chocolate Making Offline or Online Register to Join the Community Want to start your own business of Chocolate making. GrRead More...
3787 Workshop
Learn Rakhi Making With Sanjeevani Sutar- Women Entrepreneur
Colorida Arts & Crafts by Sanjeevani Sutar Learn Fancy Rakhi Making Start your own business - Enroll Today bRead More...

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