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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is GharSeNaukri?

GharSeNaukri is a platform to help all those women who want to strike a balance between career and family life , without compromising on any of her responsibilities. Life is short - so why waste it doing nothing when you can achieve so much with ease. Everyone has talents that can be put to use, and we are here to make that possible. We know that work-life balance is one of the most critical factors which serve as engagement drivers for women professionals.

Why GharSeNaukri?

Working is a wonderful fixation as it gives a sense of purpose and fulfillment in life. The single most important reason why women abandon their careers midway is due to various personal and professional reasons, which compels them to focus more on the home rather than the career. One often feels that work is impossible if she is confined to the home, be it to look after a child or due to lack of mobility. This ultimately creates a huge drain in the talent pipeline.

What is GharSeNaukri Resume service?

Your GharSeNaukri resume needs to summarize what you have done - in a way that projects your potential to achieve more. Our Resume Counselors present the best of your career while positioning your profile for the opportunities ahead specially when are going to work from Home. Since you really need a very unique resume for this type of work opportunity , so our team would actually understand you and develop the CV accordingly.