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Women of the 21st century are revolutionizing the globe by creating and running some of the most successful ventures today. As a strong independent woman, this course will guide you to build your own business basis something that you’re passionate about and make it a successful enterprise. Having a business of your own will provide you with flexibility and high level of control in all aspects of your business. It is a very rewarding experience as you grow with your business and constantly evolve to learn and enhance your skills. Building something from scratch takes hard work, perseverance and patience- and if you have all three, you’re bound to be successful!

What will this course cover?

  • Identifying Opportunities: This module will help you identify potential opportunities that you can consider for starting your own business. It takes you through some creative exercises to learn how to effectively identify and build on opportunities.
  • Evaluating Opportunities: This module will help you evaluate the potential of the business opportunities that you identify. You will be able to apply market research techniques to help gauge the feasibility of your idea.
  • Developing a Business Plan: This module will help you define a robust and detailed business plan and take you through the process of making it effective and comprehensive, covering all important aspects.
  • Implementing the Plan: This module will help you execute your business plan. It covers many interesting topics such as understanding how to set up a legal entity, organize the funds, set up sales and distribution channels, creating the product or service, develop a marketing plan, etc.
  • Evaluation of a Start-Up: This module helps you understand what needs to be done to constantly evaluate the success of your business. You will learn how to set measures to quantify your performance, build your budget, build a customer satisfaction approach and a lot more.
  • Growing a Business: Once your business has been set up and is running smoothly, this module deals with understanding how to identify growth opportunities and how to implement them. It helps you learn about different techniques that you can use to scale up the success of your business.
  • Funding: This module talks about the different types of investors, their requirements, techniques to make a sales pitch, methods of fund raising and related aspects. It is a crucial segment as it is extremely important to any business.
  • Availing Resources: This module takes you through important resources that have been known to help budding entrepreneurs such as soft skills programs, mentorship programs, networking skills, useful tools for management, scholarships available to women entrepreneurs and more.
  • Case Studies: This module introduces you to a world of successful women entrepreneurs who have made the society proud with their success stories. You will be able to learn from their journey, understanding their views of the positives and negatives of being an entrepreneur and making your business successful.

About the Author:

Skills Alpha is an AI powered Skill Management platform. We are challenging the existing technologies available to drive skills in an organisation. Skills alpha has two schools of Excellence and brings this course with Renu Khurana a dedicated professional with over 35 years of industry experience. After completing her education from Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore, she worked with various organisations like Aptech, Hexaware, NIIT in different capacities including CIO, Vice President Technology. Over the past 15 years she has been working as an independent consultant providing consulting to organisations like Atos Orgin, Suntech, Kutler and Capgemini. The consulting included quality processes, learning and development, risk management competency modelling and performance appraisal. She partnered with CyberQ to sell their services for their CMMI projects and helped gauge the feasibility of setting up a DCIM company in China 

What will be achieved at the end of the course?

At the end of this course, you will be able to identify your business opportunity, evaluate it, make a robust business plan, execute it and grow your business into a successful enterprise of the 21st century. It will help you embark on a journey that will transform you and probably make you one of the most famous women entrepreneurs of today.