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Freelancing is a hot career option for people who want to work from the comfort of their home. Freelance writing is one such option which has gained a lot of popularity in the last decade. People who have a flair for writing and who want to explore it as a career option can easily make money by freelance writing for different writing platforms like magazines, newspapers, and especially by using digital channels -getting Google to serve ads to your blog, tweeting about events/brands, maintaining someone's social media profile, etc. The best part about freelance writing is the flexibility that it provides in terms of working hours, working space and work-life balance. Thus, it is a wonderful option for women who prefer to work from home while managing their family life. Women writers have gained a lot of popularity in recent times. J. K. Rowling, the author of the famous Harry Potter series is one such example. So, if you have a passion for writing, want to work from home and have a creative streak, this course will prepare you to embark upon the path to a successful freelance writing career.

What will this course cover?

  • Understanding the basics: This module will elaborate about the essentials of writing. It will introduce the student with the basic fundamentals and terminologies used in freelance writing. It will help them to identify the difference between the different types of writing.
  • Determining what to write: This module will give the brief guidelines on how to decide what to write. Students will be able to decide if they like to write fiction or no-fiction or technical writing.
  • Categories in writing: This module will help to familiarize the students with different types of writing. The module will introduce various categories of writing like Web content writing, Traveling writing, Creative writing, Technical writing etc.
  • The audience: This module will help the student to understand the target market. It will help the students to understand the different audiences and ways to keep them engaged. It will also guide to identify and research about your competition and content. 
  • Writing right: This will help the student to familiarize with the nuances of effective writing, grammar and reading for writing. It will give them a brief about what are the pre-conditions for writing.
  • Proof reading and editing: This will give the student an idea about the proof reading techniques. This will also guide them with the techniques and tools for editing and also how to receive feedback form the audience.
  • The Platform: This module will guide the student to identify the various writing platforms. It will make them familiar with the techniques for writing for specialized websites, newspapers and magazines. This will also give them an idea to write for social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter etc.
  • How to get clients and make money: This module will introduce various marketing channels for earning money. It will throw light on how to make money through blogging and social media marketing. It will guide students with the importance and techniques of networking and publication rights.

About the Author:

Skills Alpha is an AI powered Skill Management platform. We are challenging the existing technologies available to drive skills in an organisation. Skills alpha has two schools of Excellence and brings this course with Mukta Huprikaran astute Human Resources professional with over 13 years of work experience across multiple industries like automotive, manufacturing and services. She has a double Masters in Industrial Psychology and Personnel Management and has written several courses and training material on management and other topics. She has written this course especially for the women seeking opportunities in the domain of freelance writing. Being a work-from-home mother and writer, she completely understands the specific requirements of women writers wanting to work from home.

What will be achieved at the end of the course?

After taking this course, the student will gain a complete understanding of the different types of writing, the various platforms available for writing, the latest tools used by writers and the ways of earning a living out of writing. This course will enable the student to explore writing as a career option, especially for women writers looking to balance work and home.

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