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Learn Freelance Writing

This program will help you become a skilled freelance writer and tap into the opportunities in this field. It will help you master the basic skills needed to become a writer, understand different writing styles and identify your own niche. After taking this program, you will be able to write content for websites, journals, blogs, twitter, etcand develop a career in any of the emerging areas such as food, travel, or technology writing.The program will have 4 modules as follows:

  • Basics of good writing (5 hours):Deals with the basics of writing and what constitutes good writing with examples
  • Audience engagement(15 hours): Deals with how to engage your audience, writing for different audiences and increasing the reach of your writing
  • Top categories in writing (15 hours):Top categories in writing and how to write for each of them and be recognised as an expert in your niche
  • Writing as a hobby and a profession (5 hours):Developing writing as a hobby or a profession and what you need to do for it 

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