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GSN Power

Learn how to Teach Students, Home tutoring

This program imparts all the soft skills necessary to help you become a successful tutor in your area of your expertise. It teaches you how to leverage technology to reach out to people who cannot be physically present for the classes through tools such as Skype. It teaches you how to market and brand yourself and help you run home tuitions professionally.

The program will have 4 modules as follows:

  • Introduction to tutoring (5 hours):Introduces tutoring and types of tutoring -- individual, group, online, in-person tutoring 
  • Strategies and techniques of home tutoring (15 hours): Deals with tutoring techniques and student engagement
  • Lesson plan, assessment and teaching resources (15 hours): Deals with how to create a lesson plan and how to choose the right teaching tools and resources
  • Self-employment through tutoring (5 hours): Deals with how to make tutoring your career or business and how to market your services

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