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Learn how to Teach Students, Home tutoring

Home Tutoring, in the form of face-to-face teaching or online teaching is the need of the hour. Be it academic students wanting to learn a subject of your expertise, corporate employees looking to learn a new skill, or individuals looking to explore creative areas that you are good at- home tutoring can prove to be a very rewarding and flexible career opportunity.  Being able to tutor someone is a very noble and rewarding profession as it allows you to mold the thinking of your students and inculcate a passion for life-long learning in them. Being a tutor requires you to constantly skill yourself and enhance your knowledge, thereby helping you evolve as an individual. Home tutoring provides a great opportunity for an additional income and work flexibility, making it a smart career choice.

What will this course cover?

  • Purpose, Goals and Types of Tutoring: This module will help you understand the purpose and goals of tutoring and learn about the different types and methods of tutoring to help you decide what style suits you best.
  • Core Teaching Skills and Competencies: This module will help you get familiar with the qualifications, skills and competencies required for becoming a home tutor. It also talks about the various methods of inspiring students and understanding teaching etiquette.
  • Tutor Roles and Techniques of Tutoring: This module will help you understand the different roles a tutor plays for his/her students, learn about adapting different techniques and strategies to deliver learning based on the student needs and choose the right approach to use available resources effectively.
  • Student Engagement: This module will help you learn how to effectively manage students in an online tutoring environment, understand the opportunities and challenges involved, realize the importance of adapting your teaching style to your student’s learning style and know the power and impact of feedback.
  • Planning a Tutoring Session:  This module will help you know how to plan a tutoring session, appreciate the benefits of a lesson plan and its components, understand how to state learning objectives, how to choose an appropriate instructional strategy, and understand different types of assessment and free assessment tools available online.
  • Resources for Tutoring: This module will help you appreciate the available types of search engines, comprehend the significance of web 2.0 tools, create solid presentations and learn how to use functionalities in synchronous software platforms and open source learning managements systems.
  • Tutoring from Home: This module will help you explore different avenues for self-employment through home tutoring, know how to start a tutoring business, understand the need to create a business plan, recognize the importance of big picture thinking in business and the factors for considering possible clients.
  • Techniques of Marketing: This module will help you build a strong profile, establish your presence on appropriate platforms, connect with the right people, create blogs and websites and learn to tap online tutoring jobs.

About the Author:

Skills Alpha is an AI powered Skill Management platform. We are challenging the existing technologies available to drive skills in an organisation. Skills alpha has two schools of Excellence and brings this course with Shyamala Muthusubramaniana professional with a successful track record of three decades of educational experience.  She has had extensive exposure to various facets of education and training in schools, undergraduate and post- graduate programs as well as in corporates impacting teaching, administration, technology-led education and counselling. She has held leadership positions for path-breaking initiatives, the recent responsibility being the Dean for School of Liberal Education. Shyamala is a versatile professional with post graduate degrees in Botany, Education, Psychology and Environmental Science and has a PhD degree in Education. She has co-authored three books for Higher Education and three curriculum-based textbooks in Botany for Matriculation Board,Tamil Nadu.


What will be achieved at the end of the course?

At the end of this course, you will have a deep understanding about the elements involved in becoming a home tutor. You will be able to start your own home tutoring business keeping in mind the various things needed to make it successful. And by doing so, touching the lives of numerous people who will be a part of your exciting journey!