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GSN Power

Learn Recruiting Skills

Recruiting can be a great fit for somebody looking to work from home and earn a steady monthly income. This program will take you through all the steps necessary to kickstart your career as a tele-recruiter as well as what infrastructure you need, the soft skills, tools and tips that will make you successful. The program will have 4 modules as follows:

  • Getting Started(5 hours): Deals with the basic setup needed to build a successful tele-recruiting career in terms of skills and infrastructure
  • Client engagement (15 hours): Deals with everything that is needed to interface and engage with clients and build and maintain relationships
  • Candidate engagement (15 hours): Deals with all aspects relating to candidates
  • Best Practices, tool and tips (5 hours): Deals with the best practices, tools and tips needed to make a success of tele-recruiting

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