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Learn Recruitment Skills , Be A Working Professional From Home


With the advent of the ‘Make in India’ campaign by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, a lot of industries, small and medium scale, have started in India. Foreign investment has also increased. This has led to a lot of job opportunities. The demand for skilled labor is more and managing the influx of skilled and trained manpower on their own is getting difficult for human resource professionals. This is where recruitment consultants add tremendous value. This career option is fast gaining popularity among women entrepreneurs who want to work for the industry without confining to a 9 to 5 job. Women who have good communication skills, a knack for marketing and sound business sense can successfully become freelance recruitment consultants while working from the comfort of their home. If you are such a woman looking for a career in talent management while managing your home and family, this course is perfect for you.

What will this course cover?

  • Understanding the basics: This module will elaborate about the essentials of Recruitment and selection. It will introduce the student with the basic fundamentals and terminologies used in Recruitment.
  • The Industry: This module will guide the student in understanding the various industries like Manufacturing, IT & ITES, Service and Hospitality.
  • Job Types: It is really important for a recruiter to understand the various hierarchies in organization. This module will familiarize the students with different hierarchies and job types.
  • Recruitment Tools: For any recruiter it is really important to have a great understanding of the various tools available for recruiting. This module will guide students about using and selecting such tools. They will get to know about various job portals and recruitment software, interviewing techniques and Psychometric testing. 
  • Channels of recruitment: For any recruiter to be efficient it is important to understand the various sources available for hiring. This module will talk about various sources of hiring like Referrals, Job portals, Newspapers, Social Media etc. and how to use them effectively for hiring the best talent.  
  • Getting the Business: The primary aim of any business is to generate money. In this module the students will understand the different ways of attracting clients as well as using various sources like Networking, Social media, Industrial development corporations, Consulates, Chamber of commerce, HR forums.
  • Business Requirements: Before setting up any business, it is important to follow certain norms and conditions. This module will talk about the important requirements for setting up the consulting business such as Licenses, Bank accounts, Stationary, Website, Institutional memberships, etc. 
  • Contract Terms and Invoicing: This module will help the students to understand the basics of developing and signing contracts and legal agreements for entering into a business relationship with an Organization.
  • Relationship Management: It is really important for any business to maintain the relationship with the clients and the customers. This module will help in managing the Client relations, Candidate relations & Business partners.


About the Author:

Skills Alpha is an AI powered Skill Management platform. We are challenging the existing technologies available to drive skills in an organisation. Skills alpha has two schools of Excellence and brings this course with Mukta Huprikar an astute Human Resources professional with over 13 years of work experience across multiple industries like automotive, manufacturing and services. She has a double Masters in Industrial Psychology and Personnel Management. She has worked with several organizations in the human resources domain and was the Head of the Human Resources department with a German MNC based in Pune.Her forte is talent acquisition and management and she currently guides several organizations in the area of talent acquisition and development and other areas of HR. She has written this course with deep insight and real-life expertise in recruitment.


What will be achieved at the end of the course?

After taking this course, the student will have a complete idea about what is the process of recruitment and establishing oneself as independent recruitment consultants. This course will enable the student to identify the right business opportunities as a recruitment consultant and will help them to establish their name across the industries.