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Content Writers
posted: 08-06-2015

Content Writers

Require Content Writers with good communication skills.

  • Candidate should be working from home
  • Internet Users.
  • Exposed to English Language   

Guidelines for writers

  • The content should be generic in nature. 
  • The article has to be informative and should tell the reader something new. Please ensure there is some substance to the article.
  • Length of the article should not be more than 500 words.
  • The language should not be offensive in any manner and should not hurt the sentiments of any social group or community. 
  • The language should be politically, spiritually and religion neutral.
  • The language should be gender neutral, else specific reference wherever there is stark difference.
  • If any statistics or numeric information is given, it must be relevant and adhere to the WHO guidelines. These would be subject to checking with the appointed legal authorities at our end.
  • Please use original language. The content would be subject to checking for plagiarism.  

Style Sheet

•       Write the articles in a conversational, light tone.

•       Use active, direct voice as far as possible.

•       Write small paragraphs broken by sub-headings.

•       Give short headings and sub-headings.

•       Avoid questions and long statements in headings.

•       Positive, direct headings. No negatives in the headings.

•       We can use the words children, toddlers, little ones, babies, etc. We can leave out ‘kid’.

       Use the full form of do not, cannot, are not instead of can’t, aren’t, don’t.

       Avoid giving pointers unless medically verified.

       British spellings for ‘ou’ colour, flavour etc. but ‘z’ spellings in organization, etc.

       Do not start sentences with ‘Then’ or ‘As well’.

       Use single spacing after a full stop.


The writer need to send one sample article for approval.

Please call 8802360360 for more details on the same.

Skills Required

  • Posted by: Ankita Bansal
  • Company : Versatile GharSeNaukri India Pvt. Ltd.
  • Location: Delhi,  (Delhi-NCR)
  • Job based in:
    Content Writers
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