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Content Writers
posted: 08-06-2015

Content Writers

To write SHORT REVIEWS, each of approx. 20-30 words, about various products & services. You may finish 50-100 reviews (or more) per day.  

The Reviews need to be submitted on daily basis. It'll give ample time for editing/corrections, if any.

Please check below the details -

  •  The project is about providing review writing content of 20-30 words on each keyword provided.
  • A schedule chart will be provided every month for daily submission of work.
  • The list of keywords will be provided every month.

The work can be provided further depending upon the quality & timely delivery of submitted work.


-Only positive reviews

-No plagiarism

-No Grammatical/spelling mistakes

Current Keywords:



-Computer Software & Hardware Solutions

-Cab Services

-Mobile Shops

It is preferred that minimum 50 Reviews are submitted daily.

Please properly check spellings and Grammar and submit. Write KEYWORD (for example CAB SERVICES) and your Name at the top of each page. BE ORIGINAL.

Numbering must be continued from start to finish, and send your submission in MS-Word 

Please send submission on daily basis, latest by 10 PM.

After this work is performed, more will follow, depending upon the quality.

Some samples for your reference:-

KEYWORD -HOSTEL                   CODE - Your Name                                         Date: 

1. Are you looking for a secure accommodation option that is easily affordable? If yes, then it is good for you opt this hostel. The hostel is very nicely maintained. The staff is courteous and totally dedicated to serve you.

2. If you are looking for a hostel that is easily accessible, then this would be the right pick. In addition to cleanliness and friendliness of the staff, the hostel is very comfortable and has a good atmosphere assuring safety to the guests.


1) This Computer store has around 5 departments, dealing with different product segments. Amazingly, their focus on Client requirements is commendable, as one person personally assists you to finalize just everything without hassles!

2) I wanted to get rid of my two old Laptops, and 1 desktop and buy new one MAC for myself. Thankfully, I’ve got good price for the old ones and I did not have to bargain too much. Great!


Please ensure that each writer must provide minimum 25 sample reviews before 10 pm tonight for the approval. Please note that they will not be get paid for the sample reviews. If selected, then definitely they will be paid for the work submitted within the deadline. 

Please call 8802360360 for more details on the same.

Skills Required

  • Posted by: Ankita Bansal
  • Company : Versatile GharSeNaukri India Pvt. Ltd.
  • Location: Delhi,  (Delhi-NCR)
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    Content Writers
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