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Duty Manager

Job Title: Duty manager

Entity: O2 spa

Reports to: Spa manager & Cluster manager


  • Purpose of position: Maximize revenue generation of spa. Effectively interact with customers and ensure high service quality. Maintain spa


  • Major Responsibilities:  Revenue generation, Customer service and retention, Inter team cooperation,  Adhere to defined SOP for ( data capturing, reports etc.), Spa maintenance


  • Key performance Indicators:

                 Revenue: 50%

                 Customer service &Retention: 30%

                Adherence to Sop: 20%

  • Qualification & Experience: Graduate with at least one year experience
  • Skills & Qualities: Effective communication and Sales skills ,  ,Active listening and soft skills, Social perceptiveness , Coordination, Service oriented , Negotiation, Flexibility , Detail oriented

Skills Required

  • Posted by: Gautham KPK
  • Company : Masti Health & Beauty Pvt. Ltd.
  • Location: Mumbai,  (Maharashtra)
  • Job based in:
    Operations/Customer Service
  • Job type: Full Time - Women Returnee's
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