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posted: 20-01-2017

Educated Women To Run A Center For Math Excellence

Cuemath is the premier center for ‘math excellence’ for students in grade KG to VIII.

Highly qualified, well-trained, and certified Cuemath Teacher Partners deliver the

Cuemath program. Cuemath makes kids great at math because it believes that math can

transform a child’s future.

Cuemath has over 2,000 centers teaching more than 10,000 kids.

Cuemath Teacher Partners are handpicked from a vast pool of educated women who

are looking for a meaningful home-based occupation. After undergoing the screening

process, they are trained and made to appear for multiple assessments before being

certified. This ensures quality and credibility of their home-based Cuemath centers.

Cuemath Teacher Partners are provided with Cuemath’s proprietary learning system to

conduct classes and administrative systems to manage and grow their centers.

Cuemath’s unique learning system covers math comprehensively and in an engaging

way which the kids love. It is designed by alumni of IIT, IIM, Stanford, Cambridge, and

Harvard. Data and technology are the backbones of the program - they define each

student's learning trajectory and instructs the Cuemath Teacher Partners on exactly

what to teach and how to teach it. Cuemath’s learning system is self-paced, tailored

made for every student which in turn leads them to increase their understanding of the

subject and fall in love with it.

Check out what our existing Cuemath Teacher Partners have to say!

Job Role

Cuemath Teacher Partner.

Roles and Responsibilities

Make kids great at math by setting up a Cuemath center for math excellence at

your home.

Teach math to kids in grades KG-VIII using Cuemath’s learning system.

Work 3 hours a day and teach up to 8 kids in a batch an hour.

Participate in meetups and activities organized by Cuemath to help you get


Eligibility Criteria

Should have studied mathematics as a core subject up to the 12th standard.

Should have the provision to accommodate atleast 8 kids at a time in her living


No relocation plans in the near future.

Should not have any full-time work commitment.

Excellent communication skills.


Cuemath Teacher Partners earn up to INR 40,000 per month (depending on the

number of students they have enrolled.)

Other perks include amount earned through referrals, contests, promotions, etc.

Skills Required

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