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We are US based MNC, Market Research Company (HS Brands International), We are International Mystery Audit Company. We are looking for Mystery shopper as freelancer, we are offering this as a Part time Job opportunity, If Interested please reply.


What is Mystery shopping?


Mystery shopping involves posing as a customer and making unannounced visits to stores, restaurants, banks etc. to evaluate customer service, salesmanship, product quality, cleanliness etc. You are then required to give your feedback through an online survey. We pay the shopper a fee per report.

All you need to do is to pose as a customer, visit the assigned shop outlet interact with the sales associate and evaluate the customer experience.

Skills and Responsibilities required

  • Good Communication Skill Written and Spoken.
  • Keen Observation Skill.
  • Presentabilty Skill.
  • Adhere to Guidelines.
  • Ontime delivery of reports.
  • Negotiation skills.
  • Interpersonal Skill.

Kindly confirm your interest for the same by applying on it or for more info call us at #8802360360

Skills Required

  • Posted by: HR Manager
  • Company : HS Brands Pvt Ltd
  • Location: Bhubaneswar,  (Orissa)
  • Job based in:
    Field Investigation/ Market Surveyors/Research Surveyors
  • Job type: Women Consultant /Self Employed
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