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posted: 15-09-2018

Hiring Trainer For Work From Home Opportunity In Ghaziabad

?Subhe eLearning is looking for Trainers and Professionals who have knowledge &

experience in any Technical or Business Domain and are confident to share that

knowledge with others through video courses.


Job Title: Technical Skill Experts (Vocals in Hindi)

Job Profile

Course Planning -

  1. Plan a course topic for which you will be giving the training, or select one from available
  2. Prepare the course content that you will use during the training (eg. presentations,software demo, assignments, case studies etc.)
  3. Plan the methodology you will use while training (i.e. only speaking + showing presentation + giving a practical demo, give assignments etc.)
  4. Prepare a script or pointer that you plan to speak while training.
  5. Identify a good time and place for the course recording with minimum disturbance.

Course Delivery –

  1. Record your video while teaching along with recording the laptop screen.
  2. Video recording can be done using a DSLR camera or even using a laptop or mobile camera.
  3. You can do the basic editing (if possible), and share the recorded videos with us.
  4. We will also give the training to the selected candidates on the best practices to be followed while recording a course video.

Job Type - work from home

No. of requirements - continuous based on the quality of trainers.

Experience - min. 3 years.

Salary structure –

  1. Our Payment model is very transparent. We share Royalties with our Trainers on the basis of their course video views for each month.
  2. Overall 50% of the company income is distributed among Trainers.
  3. Your one good video course can make you earn recurring income for years.

Selection Process

Create a small 4 to 5 mins introduction video on any course topic. This video should cover

  1. Self-introduction (your experience, knowledge etc. - to build trust in the audience)
  2. Introduction to the course topic (what all will be covered in this course, the methodology etc. to create interest among the target audience)
  3. Who can do this course (any pre-requisites, what type of students, their interest etc.)
  4. The outcome of the course ( what is the benefit of doing this course., what can students expect after completing this course)
  5. View Sample:


Skills Required

  • Posted by: HR Manager
  • Company : Subhe ELearning Pvt. Ltd.
  • Location: Ghaziabad,  (Uttar Pradesh)
  • Job based in:
  • Job type: Work From Home
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