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posted: 27-01-2017

Home Chefs/Home Cooks- Entrepreneur In Residence (EiR)JP Nagar Bangalore

Home Chefs/Home Cooks- Entrepreneur in residence (EiR)

1.    She should be an avid learner and should have an instinct and habit to serve food with an aim to win the hearts of the customer. It should be a genuine aim of the Entrepreneur in residence (EiR) to delight the customer.

2.    She should be able to speak to the customers to take a feedback of the services. Since the customers could be from anywhere India, it would be very important that she is able to speak English or Hindi. As taking feedback for the food served is a part of EiR’s Job.  

3.    She should be able to do the basic calculation and accounting. She needs to update the stocks available at their outlet 2 times every day. All sales must happen through the Petoo center (which will be customized for each EiRs).

4.    She should have a Kitchen. Petoo will guide her on how to use the space and how to do the stacking of food items. The kitchen should be squeaky clean. It could be randomly audited on any particular day. The identity of the auditors will be already shared with them. For a women entrepreneur the auditing team will definitely consist of at least one women.

5.    EiR’s kitchen can be used for her own purpose as well as for serving Petoo food. EiR has to completely abide by the guidelines of PETOO. If in any case during auditing it has been found that the guidelines are not being followed, PETOO reserves all rights to revoke her license to sell food as well as can impose PENALTY.

6.    Serving the hungry customer should always take a priority over their household chores. The EiRs should be able to manage their surroundings/ other engagements so that the customers’ don’t suffer from bad food experience or inordinate delays in receiving the food.

7.    Any food stock that has been recalled can be used by the EiR’s on a nominal payment based on each food items. In all possibility these items would still be use-able.


What we propose to do?

1.    Petoo is a new concept in restaurant services especially catering authentic regional Indian flavours and cuisines suiting to Indian palate. We propose to be a ubiquitous name in India going forward in coming days. Although we are present only in Bangalore right now. We provide food items that can be stored either on shelf or in refrigerator and have good shelf life. We have consumer facing stores as well as home delivery services.

2.    We open restaurant from 11:30 PM to 10:30 PM. Minimum working days for any Resident Entrepreneur should be 25 days a month. Resident will need to demarcate an space for Petoo Food. They either should have or we will provide storage solution (on small rental plus security deposit basis- up to 25000/-).

3.    Entrepreneur in residence (EiR) can use their smartphones or TAB to take an order with the help of PETOO’s proprietary software. They can also choose the delivery boy or delivery agency which will deliver the food to final customer. They can also use their own delivery executive to deliver the food. Petoo will take care of the food as well as listing the center at various food aggregator so that center starts to receive the order.

4.    EiR will be trained in the method of serving/ storage and use of various food items that will be supplied to their center. She will have to remember all the dishes and it’s components name. She should be able to talk to the customers and be able to take feed backs.

5.    They will function as a restaurant for all practical purposes. The food served should be hot (temperature) and served in the right manner.


Salary and Remuneration Structure

1.    Basic Salary- 6000/-

2.    Fuel and Electricity Expenses- 1500/-

3.    Phone expenses- 500/-

4.    Reorder rate more than 60%- Bonus of 1500 Rs, more than 50% - Bonus of 1000 Rs

5.    Every order served will also have some commission for EiR. The commission would be 2.5% of the final food value. (Cue- A normal center should sell at least 450 orders with AOV (Average Order value) of Rs 300. So Expected Commission could be 3500 Range)

6.    Salary structure has been designed to boost the performance of the entrepreneur as well as boost their earnings based on their performance. A good EiR can earn very good salary from their restaurant. A good EiR can potentially earn 3 times the salary of a poor counterpart. Only sky is a limit for a good EiR.

7.    Only one household in a radius of 1.5 kms will be made a Petoo EiR

Skills Required

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