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HR Consultant

To start with, would like to introduce my company – Bon Calibre.

As the name suggest, Bon Calibre – Where talent meets opportunity aims to provide the right platform to the job-seekers to evolve into a better professional. It even serves as the one step platform to clients for their recruitment necessities. We take up positions right from Junior till the Senior level.


We believe in that no company is small or big. We are here to help all companies who require the right talent for their better working. To name few of our clients – Flipkart, UMM,, Green cart, Enrich salons etc. We are spread across all industries.


With time, we have realised that the demand from our clients are increasing and we are looking out to expand our Team to close all the positions and deliver as promised.  


Looking out for potential, like minded, passionate HR driven people. At times people want to work but cannot work on full time basis due to prior commitments. Some have location problem ,health problems etc.  We understand this and don’t want to lose on the potential candidates hence we have come up with the Consultant Openings for true HR people in the market. 

Skills Required

  • Posted by: Ankita
  • Company : Bon Calibre
  • Location: Mumbai,  (Maharashtra)
  • Job based in:
    Recruitment/Talent Acquisition
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