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posted: 10-11-2017

International Business Devlopment Women Restart Career, Noida, Ghaziabad

We are an international trading company with core business in finished steel as well as steel making raw materials. We work as an importer, exporter and commission agents. We have very strong relation in South Korea, china, east Europe, Bangladesh and few more countries.

We are also doing industrial chemical, Herbal products, paper and few more items. We are looking candidates with sharp business acumen, who needs to be self-motivated person capable of finding the opportunity by himself, in any product company ask him/her to work on. 

Product knowledge is not at all essential qualification. Just a rough knowledge of import/export terms will do. Most essential is sharp mind, ready to learn, ready to do listen & execute!!

Patient is very important in this sector as we are not manufacturing or consuming anything. We are just identify any item and then find the opportunity to trade it. Sometimes actual transaction can happen even in a month or it may take even 1 year. As an employer we will never force you for the result but yes, we want to see you moving in the right direction--> you groom yourself & ultimately the company is also benefited.

Communication skills needs to be good. Too much travelling is not required. Overseas travel to meet clients/attend  conference is part of job, at times( once or 2 times in year). Talking on phone and using internet very well for searching clients/information is must!


Skills Required

  • Posted by: Nishant Arya
  • Company : Newcore Global Private Limited
  • Location: NOIDA,  (Uttar Pradesh)
  • Job based in:
  • Job type: Full Time - Women Returnee's
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