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KYC Manager Part Time Jobs Coimbatore

Task / activities to be done by KYC Manager :

Process Flow - KYC

1 Each KYC case will have complete address, with phone number and contact person name.

2 Executive can call the client directly from the phone number as appearing in the screen of mobile application.

3 Fix up an appointment stating that as part of KYC regularization as mandated by RBI, you wish to visit and collect the KYC dox.

4 No need to part with KYC documents.

5 Self Attested KYC documents can be pictured and uploaded to the Principal's server

6 A sticker will have to be put up at the client place and a picture taken and uploaded.

7 Basic KYC documents to be collected are: 1) Residence Address Proof, 2) Office Address Proof, 3) Photo ID, 4) Shops & Establishment Certificate, 5) Latest ITR Copy, 6)cancelled cheque leaf) 

8 Acceptable documens are Aadhaar Card, Pan Card, EB Bill, Phone Bill, Bank Passbook with address printed



1 Once the required KYC documents are collected, then the visiting executive can leave her contact details and further enquire with clients, if they are in need of any Insurance (Health, Life & Non Life) or any credit card from any bank, or any fresh loan, or top up.

2 Each lead when translated in sale, referring executive will get an incentive paid.

the income would be :1 For a collection & clear upload of documents - INR 75/- (PAN CARD/Aadhaar Card with business regn certificate)

2 Any single document collected like PAN Card or Aadhaar Card INR 35/- shall be paid

3 Reimbursement Frequency - 3rd day from the day of upload.

Skills Required

  • Posted by: HR Manager
  • Company : ADGIR Risk Mgnt Co
  • Location: Coimbatore,
    Erode,  (Tamil Nadu)
  • Job based in:
    Field Investigation/ Market Surveyors/Research Surveyors
  • Job type: Freelancing
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