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Marketing - Brand Promotion And Meeting Fixer

Job Description-

Candidate should have excellent English communication and Internet use.

Should be able to convince prospect for giving a meeting for the service/product being offered.

Services will be- Social Media

Candidates will report would on online CRM and a call in the evening.

Remuneration- Salary structure(Fixed/Incentive): Rs.10000 Minimum monthly Target of fixing 30 meetings, which fructify. Every additional 10 meeting fixed which fructify in single of multiple subscriptions, will carry an incentive of 1%, with no upper limit.

Phone would be provided with unlimited outgoing.

Kindly apply ASAP.

Skills Required

  • Posted by: Rajneesh
  • Company : Upcoming Startup
  • Location: Delhi,  (Delhi-NCR)
  • Job based in:
    Sales/Marketing/Business Development
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