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Marketing And Sales Officer

About our Marketing and Sales Officer role

We write humorous products for people; our Marketing and Sales Officers help us market these products, and are an integral part of the team. We will give you contacts of parents who have children in Std 1-10. We will assign a Team Lead and conduct training so you can do great Marketing Demos to these parents. You will do great Marketing Demos to these parents. They will buy LaughGuru ( for their children for Rs. 3K on average.

What do our Marketing and Sales Officers do?

We envision the Marketing and Sales Officer role as an introduction to the worlds of Management and Sales. The role involves exposure to the following major activities:

How a good marketing product demo is done

Thinking at the speed of light to solve problems in Marketing and Sales

Meeting performance expectations and targets without creating stress 

Using efficiency improvement tools to work as little as possible, for the maximum possible output

Why should you apply?

You cannot learn more about marketing and sales than you will in this role

You will accomplish great things, and have fun while doing them

You will be marketing products / services that are unique, and that you believe in

You will constantly be challenged, and get better and better at what you already do really well

How do you apply?

Send your CV and a short description of any sales / marketing + leadership experience you have to


Skills Required

  • Posted by: Jessen Lopez
  • Company : LaughGuru
  • Location: Mumbai,  (Maharashtra)
  • Job based in:
    Sales/Marketing/Business Development
  • Job type: Part Time
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