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posted: 30-06-2018

Mindchamp Micro-Franchisee, Mumbai - Start Your Own Franchise In Teaching- IT/Comp Graduates ONLY

Mindchamp Micro-Franchisee

What are your earliest memories of trying to grasp coding? Exciting and enjoyable or dreadful and boring? If you are like the most of us, the answer would be the latter. Missing a comma meant uncompiled code and lots of frustration!

Mindchamp aims at developing the logical thinking of students through quality Computer Science education. Through our activity-based, fun learning modules, students develop a deep interest in this widely recognized 21st-century skill. We are partnering with awesome women techies who have taken a break from their jobs to further this cause. 

Mindchamp Educator 

If you are a woman techie and looking for ways to engage yourself(and earn!) at the comfort of your own home or your own flexibility, the MindchampEducator Program gives you the access to our tested curriculum and training. Thereafter, you can take conduct Computer Science programs for kids 8 to 14 years and be a part of the growing community that believes in improving the quality technology education in this country.



 Undergraduate degree in Computer Science(CS)/Information Technology(IT) preferred (includes BCA, B.Sc, BE, B.Tech)

 Undergraduate degree in other subjects needs to be backed by CS/IT work experience and/or certifications

Work Experience preferred

Currently Looking for Applications from ONLY Mumbai

 Employment: CS/IT or related functions

Entrepreneurship: Both CS/IT and Non CS/IT

Skills Required

  • Posted by: Manasi
  • Company : Mindchamp Teaching Solutions LLP
  • Location: Mumbai,
    Navi Mumbai,Thane,  (Maharashtra)
  • Job based in:
  • Job type: Franchise Development
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