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Retail Sales, Earn Additional Income From Home

Looking for candidates with 2+ years of experience in retail sales for B2C consumer products & services (FMCG, fashion, hospitality, travel, entertainment etc.) This is a VIRTUAL job and candidates may be currently employed elsewhere or be engaged in other freelance projects/assignments.

Candidate will contact businesses in the retail space (especially online) for the company's new marketing software product, explain the product's features & benefits and sign them up. 

Previous sales experience in the retail sector is mandatory and candidates will be expected to utilise their existing database of contacts for lead generation & conversion.

The candidate must also have proven competency in phone sales, follow-ups & coordination for customer onboarding.

There is NO fixed salary. Compensation will be commission + incentive-based and is as follows:

1. Lead generation & sign-up i.e. Follow up & convince the retailer to sign up for XIRCLS. Rs.500 post Signup 

2. Outlet addition by retailer i.e. Post-sign-up and after onboarding by the XIRCLS team, every Outlet added by this retailer (within 3 months) Rs.500 per Outlet 

3. POS integration i.e. If you sign up a retailer with a POS system not integrated with XIRCLS yet, you have to co-ordinate with the POS company for successful integration. Our tech team will be on standby for any assistance and troubleshooting. You only needs to coordinate and do the requisite followups. Rs.1500 for successful integration 

BONUS INCENTIVE - For every 10 outlets made live on XIRCLS through you, you get an additional Rs.2500 

Terms & conditions: You must confirm that you DO NOT currently work for another company that sells Marketing Tools or Loyalty Solutions, digital or otherwise.


Skills Required

  • Posted by: Uttarika Kumaran
  • Company : FirstNucleus Internet Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
  • Location: Ahmedabad,
    Mumbai,Pune,  (Maharashtra)
  • Job based in:
    Sales/Marketing/Business Development
  • Job type: Work From Home
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