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Social Media Strategist For PRIA New Delhi

Job Descritpion 

Experience in designing and creating social media interactions & campaigns

Create social communities

Own all social platforms including Fb, Twitter, LinkedIN, Instagram, Youtube, Google+

Align social media strategy revolving around business objectives and company image

Handle social media,content development,media management and digital marketing.

Excellent communication and interpersonal skills

Company Profile

PRIA’s work is focused on empowerment of the excluded through capacity building, knowledge building and policy advocacy. Over three decades PRIA has promoted ‘participation as empowerment’, capacity building of community organisations, and people’s participation in governance. Initiatives are undertaken in the overall perspective of ‘making democracy work for all’ – in the political system; democratic culture in families, communities, and society; and participatory democracy with active citizenship. 

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Skills Required

  • Posted by: Nandita Bhatt
  • Company : Pria.Org
  • Location: Delhi,  (Delhi-NCR)
  • Job based in:
    Sales/Marketing/Business Development
  • Job type: Returning Professionals
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