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posted: 16-09-2017

Teacher Partner - BeGalileo Learning Center

  •  Are you a home maker or a career woman on a break? Do you love interacting with children and can spend a few hours a week? If yes, here’s an opportunity to earn, utilize your skills and contribute to your community without stepping out of your home. 
  • Partner with us to start a beGalileo Math Learning Center from your home and make education meaningful for children around you. Our team is committed to your growth and will support you every step of the way on this exciting opportunity.
  • Eligibility criteria: Good Networking skills, strong communication, familiarity with computer usage and a drive to do something outstanding and excel in life.
  • Education – Graduate or post graduate


About Us

beGalileo is an after school math enrichment program, that is set to change the way children learn Math. Designed by experts, as a child friendly, personalised adaptive learning system, beGalileo aims to make Math enjoyable and meaningful to children. It breaks traditional math teaching - learning moulds, taking 'math' beyond the study of just numbers and instead looks at it as a way of thinking, encompassing logic, critical thinking and reasoning. Reaching out to students through neigbourhood bLC's (beGalileo Learning Centers) the beGalileo program helps children climb higher along the Math performance ladder, at their own pace. To achieve this, the beGalileo learning system identifies each child's 'starting point' using the unique diagnostic tool, MIDAS. A customized learning program suited to the individual child is generated by the Intelligent Diagnostic System. Children move through stages and achievement bands, motivated by rewards and certificates, and above all, the pure joy of learning.

The bLC's are propelled by our enthusiastic teacher - partners, who are driving a revolution right from their homes. We are delighted to be associated with these passionate edu-warriors, and proud to be enabling them to be change agents. Our vision is to reach that day when children across the country are empowered through a deeper understanding of Math, and to this end we need more warriors on our side. If the promise of being part of this change wave excites you, get in touch with us.

Skills Required

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