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Have you sold products via phone and email to U.S, Europe, Global Customers for 3-5 years in a large BPO and feel stuck, bored, unmotivated and NOT earning enough. Now with 10% commission on new/repeat sales you can earn 50K+ with us now. Read on... At MDS, we consider good sales people play a vital role in the success of any product. Our products are a reflection of this belief and through our product, we Enrich the lives of millions of customers, employees and other stakeholders across the world. We sell in more than 30 countries with offices in 8 countries.

We are looking for energetic and smart minds who have the ability to: 

1. Research potential customers across the world.

2. Communicate effectively and convince the client to purchase our products (Hair Extensions, Home Furnishing Fabrics-,

3. Manage the relationship with the client and be a trusted partner to create a win-win situation. You will work with our customers across the world.

We are looking for candidates with 3-5 years of BPO experience in sales who are:

1. Good at selling products.

2. Always tell the truth

3. Have sales orientation and want to earn 40k+ in commission per month

Please include information regarding the sales experience work while applying. Applications from non-MNC-BPO without sales experience will be rejected. Salary: Base Salary of 12000 plus commission Must have a laptop with internet connection. VOIP phone service will be provided for calling


  • Posted by: Sunil
  • Company : MDS Fabrics
  • Location: Hyderabad,  (Andhra Pradesh)
  • Job based in:
    Sales/Marketing/Business Development
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