She Workz..


Thought Process Behind This Venture

A Professional approach towards Women empowerment

Technological advancement results in retrenchment of women employees. With the household activities of heeding their family, employed women get less time to be active in their technological field and upgrade their skill. Also, the problems of gender bias beset women in the industrial sector. A root level enhancement and understanding has to be developed to eradicate this junk mentality from the society, upgrade the urban women status and match the altitudes with working men.

Most of the problems that beset working women are in reality rooted in the social perspective of the position of women. In some cases, female employees have to undergo various mental and physical constraints, which affect their confidence and mental stature. A fundamental change is required from the root level in the attitudes of the employers and the working population.

So when most of the things are not in our control, we can surely find a way to achieve indigenous identity of women in class when most of them can still work and earn with dignity. This will make them feel proud and happy of the life they have. GharSeNaukri is an initiative to help this special class of our society.