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UnlearnKids Neighborhood Learning Mentor- Become a Math Teacher

UnLearn Formulae

Become Tutor at Home-Math Tutor
15 Jul'2016
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What is Unlearn Kids Neighborhood Learning Centre?

It is a place provided by Mentor for students to gather to learn; where.

  • Student visits center twice/thrice a week and has to finish their weekly targets.
  • Learns through continuous assessments while discovering the Mathematical laws themselves.
  • Rather than being taught, they are helped on their personal doubts in their journey by the mentor. 

Unlearn Kids NLM is an individual who:

  • Believes in world-class education to students.
  • Is well qualified for teaching kids from 1st to 5th
  • Is passionate about mentoring rather than teaching.
  • Runs Unlearn Kids NLC from her home using our system.
  • Can Handhold students (pre-1st to 5th) from her locality.

Who can become Unlearn Kids NLM?

You can become NLM if you: 

  • Can consistently dedicate time after-school hours.
  • Have space to handle small group of students.
  • Have Internet connection at your home/premise.
  • Can gather at least 5 students from her locality.

Interested Pls Apply or Talk to us at 8802-360-360