OZiva Women Entrepreneurship Program - Powered By


Business in Residence Program by GharSeNaukri
04 Apr'2017
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We're proud to present to you the OZiva Women Entrepreneurship Program - Powered By

OZiva offers a range of goal oriented nutrition products formulated with a combination of Modern Scientific Research and Ancient Ayurveda. This is an opportunity for you to partner up with OZiva and help people lead a healthier lifestyle with their products.

What you can expect out of OZiva Women Entrepreneurship Program


- a grounding on basics of nutrition & OZiva products

- business value generation and earnings through sale of products

- a portal to track your growth

- rewards system along the way

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What support would you get from GharseNaukri 

  • Enroll as a Business Partner without any investment
  • GSN shall take care of your marketing activities
  • Help you sell your products
  • Training and Mentoring on options and methods of attracting customers 
  • Branding and Showcasing your identity as an entrepreneur is a Unique Platform for Women providing opportunities, guidance, support to women entrepreneurs to start new  business  and help it grow.

An excellent opportunity for  women entrepreneurs who are aspiring to start a new business venture but are worried about the challenges- how to start the venture, the support, mentoring and guidance needed , how to get  investment and capital,  how to do the branding and who would be the potential clients and how to reach them.

Sign up today and we shall help you in your journey of being an entrepreneur

What do you get as an OZiva Partner 

1. Leadership Opportunity

    We believe you can make an impact on the society and drive this country to be healthier and fitter with your efforts. We have started a movement & we want you to be a part of it. 

2. Training

Our inhouse panel of dietitians and product experts would walk you through all the products and it's components, along with giving you a brief grounding in the basics of nutrition, along with printed literature for further understanding and reference. This will help you understand how OZiva works and recognize how it can help people live better.

3. Business Value & Earnings

Every OZiva product sold by you contributes to your business value. We will extend OZiva products to you at a special discounted price and you can pass on a part of that discount further to the people you're ordering it for. The rest of the amount would be yours to keep and will be added up to your earnings.

4. Technology

We have a platform that will help you keep a track of your business value and earnings along with placing orders. We want to maintain complete transparency about all business developed by you and the earnings you are entitled to, but, without complicated apps or web logins - simply on direct and personal chat line with us.

5. Rewards

It makes us happy to see people put in their best effort and become an integral part of our goal to make India healthier. As a token of appreciation, we reward our partners based on the business value generated by them, right from the hair straighteners and portable chargers to amazon kindles and vacation vouchers - it's our way of saying thanks. 

Call 8802-360-360 to learn more about the program without any investment. Click to Read More