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Are you an independent woman? Set out on your own adventure."Use your networking and communication skills and you can earn more than Rs. 50000/- a month, working from home!Join our Network of Women Entrepreneurs. Own a Franchise. Be an Independent Business Owner to sell OZiva Nutrition Products. About OZiva :OZiva has a range of goal oriented nutrition products that are enriched with Ayurvedic Herbs. The products are designed to help a person achieve their health and fitness goals. The brand is owned by Mumbai headquartered FitCircle which has more than 100,000 users as part of its strong & growing wellness communityLooking to own OZiva Franchise?Click to Connect Now ...more
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What is Unlearn Kids Neighborhood Learning Centre?It is a place provided by Mentor for students to gather to learn; where.Student visits center twice/thrice a week and has to finish their weekly targets.Learns through continuous assessments while discovering the Mathematical laws themselves.Rather than being taught, they are helped on their personal doubts in their journey by the mentor. Unlearn Kids NLM is an individual who:Believes in world-class ed ...more
 Moms/Woman/Trainer/Consultant/Part Timers/SoftSkill Trainers..An opportunity waiting for you to restart from HomeReStart Your Career with English Dost train users in specific content such as interview preparation, work-place conversations or any other situation / setting that the user specifies.1. Conduct mentor sessions over the phone with users. Minimum of 10 hours a week2. Work with the coordinator to provide feedback about the users and the processes 3. Undergo training and feedback sessions with the coordinator once a monthThis is a model in its early stages, hence you will have to be very hands-on. You have the opportunity to help create a process that can potentially impact 500 million Indians find jobs an ...more