About Us

India’s number 1 job portal for women.
A career portal for women empowerment. Empowering women with limitless possibilities… , India’s one and only job portal, which works towards women empowerment in the real sense, besides being India’s most trustworthy and reputed brand as a HR service provider. Conceived and launched in Delhi NCR Noida by a team of young dynamic HR and marketing professionals in the year 2014, within 3-years-time the company was awarded one among the most promising job portals for women in 2017. The company was awarded one among the top 27 AFI social enterprises in 2018. Today, it is also designated as the largest career and community platform for women.

What we do?

This is an online initiative and a systematic approach to transform India’s unorganized work from home segment into a more organized one. This is an online initiative to help employers to get connected with the best female talent. We offer the following:

Database of job seekers

  • We have more than a million registered women members
  • All our registered members are professionals with diverse skills and experiences

Database of employers

  • We have a database of more than 2000+ companies seeking women employees for different job requirements
  • We are associated with employers who encourage flexible work options, who believe in quality of work rather than quantity, and who encourage women empowerment
  • Corporates, SMEs, Start-ups, NGOs, Groups and Associations, Large enterprises make use of our skilled database to expand more

Productive job opportunities at various stages of life

This is the only job portal which offers jobs for all women for various phases and stages of their lives, right from a working professional to a non-working one, right from a fresh graduate to a senior retired professional, from a housewife to a mom and so on. Even a woman who is not working at present can search for jobs of her choice here. At GharSeNaukri, we aim to empower every woman by offering part-time jobs, work-from-home jobs, flexible jobs which they can do as per their convenience. We also provide full-time job opportunities for returning women professionals.

Providing effective HR solutions: Working on Inclusion and Diversity at Workplace

Besides being a job portal, is also a reputed HR service and consultant company based in Noida, Delhi NCR. With a PAN India presence, the company is involved in providing efficient HR solutions and services for its eminent clients. Right from recruiting the perfect candidate for the job to building the team of your organization to providing training and organizing people, is involved in every stage of the recruitment process. We are changing the entire hiring process to enable our employers get the perfect women candidates as per their requirement in flexible job formats. We believe in building fair work environment for organizations. We give more emphasis on diversity at work place and so we are an "Equal Opportunity driven Company"

Providing work from home online training programs

The company also offers opportunities for women members to get trained in various skills to keep themselves upgraded. Get online training at the comforts of your home in digital marketing, recruiting, online tutoring, content writing, entrepreneurship, English speaking, advanced technical skills and more and move ahead in your career.

Benefits of joining us

  • Work at your convenience, wherever and whenever you want...
  • A career portal designed exclusively for women with work-from-home jobs opportunities
  • Empowering women with limitless possibilities
  • We help a woman to perfectly balance her professional and personal life
  • Navigate your next career move here
  • We help corporate employers to engage more and more female talent
  • Home for a million of registered women professionals
  • Registered members are professionals with diverse skills and experiences
  • There are over 2000+ companies of various industry domains registered with us
  • A single platform for jobs, mentoring, training, HR services and solutions all under one roof


We stand for innovation, optimism, and above all for WOMEN. We help women to find serious, legitimate ways to be financially Independent.

VISION is striving to be the world’s biggest Home Based Opportunity creator for women by the year 2022.

MISSION is dedicated to engage over 5 million women by the year 2022.

Our Strengths & Achievements

  • Awarded one among the most promising job portals for women in 2017
  • Awarded one among the top 27 AFI social enterprises in 2018
  • Largest career platform for women
  • Strong presence Pan India, including rural India
  • Career platform giving emphasis on gig economy concept
  • Jobs, Training, Mentoring, Support …. All under one roof only for women

We help a woman to perfectly balance her professional and personal life. It’s Secure, Safe and Professional!!!