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Take Community Up Program puts a lot of importance on work-life balance. We are the largest career and community platform, designed only for women. We provide work-from-home, part-time, and flexible job opportunities only for women. While we lay importance on work from home, to attain work-life balance is challenging and much of it depends our day-to-day living. Not all women are eager to take the step of starting a work-from-home career…

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Many women find it difficult to juggle between heavy workloads and managing family responsibilities. The end result is they give up their jobs. very well understands the need for flexibility in work along with women empowerment, and hence, has opened this platform to make women empowered and financially stable.

Women working from home are the active agents of change.  ‘Work from Home’ women improve their community and family life by doing the perfect balance, pitching in their expertise on opportunities and enabling a proactive community networking. We need more and more women to take advantage of the opportunities provided here and build a successful work-from-home career.

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