Learn how to Teach Students, Home Tutoring Online Course,Become a Home Teacher

Join us in our training program for becoming home tutors or online tutors, helping you to start your career as a tutor. Quality training is just at the comforts of your home. Get to know the latest tools and technology to impart education to students not in your physical presence but in a virtual environment. Get to know the techniques of marketing and branding yourself to run your home tuitions professionally and successfully. 

Home Tutoring Program Details

The program will have 4 modules as follows:

Module 1, Introduction to Tutoring, Duration 5 hours

One you complete Module 1 of the training program, you will get to learn the following: 

  • Purpose, Goals and Types of Tutoring, like as individual, group, online, and in-person tutoring and help you to decide what style suits you best.
  • Core Teaching Skills and Competencies: Not only qualifications, skills and competencies required for becoming a home tutor, but you also need to know the ways of inspiring students and understanding teaching etiquette.

Module 2, Strategies and techniques of home tutoring, Duration 15 hours

You will be acquainted with the following:

  • Tutor Roles and Techniques of Tutoring: Here, you get to know the roles that you can play for your students to teach them effectively. You get to know the latest different techniques and strategies available to deliver the best learning experience for your students.
  • Student Engagement: Merely getting to teach is not enough. You also should know how to effectively manage students in an online tutoring environment, making them adapt their learning style to your teaching style, enabling a positive feedback from both sides.

Module 3, Lesson plan, assessment and teaching resources, Duration 15 hours

  • Resources for Tutoring: Make yourself a teacher who is capable to utilize web 2.0 tools, create solid presentations, use functionalities in synchronous software platforms and open source learning managements systems.
  • Planning a Tutoring Session: Know how to plan a tutoring session, appreciate the benefits of a lesson plan and its components, how to choose an appropriate instructional strategy, and use different types of assessment and free assessment tools available online.

Module 4, Self-employment through tutoring, Duration 5 hours

This module helps you to find out ways on how to make tutoring your career or business and how to market your services. You get to know to build a strong profile, establish your presence on appropriate platforms, connect with the right people, create blogs and websites and learn to tap online tutoring jobs.

Why should you join?

  • An opportunity for an income and work flexibility
  • A smart career choice for women
  • Home tutoring is a booming business
  • You don’t let your education go waste
  • You get trained while at home
  • Teaching is a noble profession
  • Get GSN successful certification

Once you become a certified home tutor from, you can establish yourself as an independent home tutor or you can avail teaching opportunities offered by