Learn HR Recruitment, Online Course,Recruitment Training Program provides the ultimate Recruiting training program to train you to be a perfect recruiter, working from home to source the best candidates in the market for a particular job profile. Use’s Recruiter training to help you get the best return on your investment with us. Learn at your own pace at the comforts of your home and kick start your career as a tele-recruiter.

Why should you join this training program?

Recruitment career option is fast gaining popularity among women who want to work for the industry without confining to a 9 to 5 job. Women who have good communication skills, a knack for marketing and sound business sense can successfully become freelance recruitment consultants from home. If you are such a woman looking for a career in talent management while managing your home and family, this course is perfect for you.

Recruitment Training Program Details

The program will have 4 modules as follows:

Module 1: Getting Started

Here you get to know how to create the basic setup required in terms of skills and infrastructure to build a successful tele-recruiting career. Your course will include the following:

  • Understanding the basics: Learn the basic fundamentals and terminologies used in Recruitment
  • The Industry: Get to understand the various industries like Manufacturing, IT & ITES, Service and Hospitality.
  • Job Types: Know the various hierarchies in organization and job types.
  • Recruitment Tools: You will be trained to understand the various recruitment tools available for recruiting and which one to use for which purpose. You will get to know about recruitment software, interviewing techniques and Psychometric testing. 
  • Channels of recruitment: You will get to know the various sources available for hiring like Referrals, Job portals, Newspapers, Social Media etc. You will also be trained to use them effectively for hiring the best talent.  

Duration: 5 hours

Module 2: Client engagement

Get to know how to create the interface and engage with clients and build and maintain relationships. This will cover the following:

  • Getting the Business: This will train you on how can you attract clients, how can you use various sources like Networking, Social media, Industrial development corporations, Consulates, Chamber of commerce, HR forums to get the business.
  • Business Requirements: This module will talk about the important requirements for setting up the consulting business such as Licenses, Bank accounts, Stationary, Website, Institutional memberships, etc. 
  • Contract Terms and Invoicing: This module will help the students to understand the basics of developing and signing contracts and legal agreements for entering into a business relationship with an Organization.

Duration: 15 hours

Module 3: Candidate engagement

Here, you get to know how to connect with prospective candidates, how to explain to them the job details, how to persuade them to apply and appear for an interview and how to do further follow-ups. This module deals with all aspects relating to candidates.

Duration: 15 hours

Module 4: Best Practices, tool and tips

To be successful in any career, including recruiting, you need to have certain soft skills to deal with clients and candidates. This module provides you the best practices, tools and tips required to produce a successful tele-recruiter. This module will help in managing the Client relations, Candidate relations & Business partners.

What will be achieved at the end of the course?

Get Successful Training Certification from after completion of the Recruitment Training Program. Once the course is completed, you become a professional recruiter, where you can establish yourself as an independent recruitment consultant or you can avail placement opportunities offered by as home-based recruiter.