Online Fundamentals Courses,Learning Courses for Women offers this unique training program for women to learn the basics of how to built a successful career and succeed professionally, without stepping out of your home like as in a 9-to-5 job. No matter where you work, at home or at remote places, there is always the need for proper professionalism in your words and action and accountability. Though working from home does not allow you much to interact with others, yet it is necessary to make a mark for yourself in your job.  

Fundamentals Training Program Details

The training program will have 7 modules:

Module 1: What is being a Better Professional, Duration: 15 minutes

No matter where you work and what is your field domain, you always aspire for professional success. This training module helps you in strengthening your professional skills, becoming a self-motivated professional, and building professional relationships to attain success and satisfaction in your career.

Module 2: Personal Leadership, Duration: 45 minutes

Learn how to build strong personal leadership skills, which in turn will help you to build a network of people to support you and to help you in making right choices that are in your best interest.

Module 3: Visioning and Goal Setting, Duration: 1 hour

Do you have a clear vision of who you will be in the future? Let us help you to create a vision of your life that inspires and energies you and help you reach your career goals at the end.

Module 4: Emotional Intelligence, Duration: 1.25 hours

Know how to recognize your own emotions and those of others, how to control your emotions and handle interpersonal and professional relationships empathetically and judiciously.

Module 5: Accountability, Duration: 45 minutes

Learn the tactics of being accountable for your job, work, actions, responsibilities and activities. This is very essential in a professional world. This training module trains you to take greater accountability for delivering output and value to achieve your professional goal or your organization’s goals.

Module 6: Communication and Business Etiquette, Duration: 1 hour

Learn the etiquettes to conduct your work or business professionally. Learn to communicate effectively. These are the basic “soft skills” needed in a professional environment and can add value to a business’ bottom line.

Module 7: Time Management, Duration: 25 minutes

The time management training module will provide effective time management skills, which in turn, will help you to organize your daily tasks, to plan activities and get work done in a smarter manner, and thereby reducing stress, when it comes to maintaining home and work.

Why should you join?

  • On completion of the program, get successful certification
  • You get to know how to brand yourself in the market
  • You learn the presentation skills
  • You know how to manage time
  • You improve your communication skills
  • You learn from home and encapsulate all the essential skills needed to succeed professionally in today’s world.

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