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Read out loud


If you are learning the English language, reading aloud is one of the best ways to start. This will help to train you for conversation. It will make you more confident. As you hear yourself speak, your pronunciation will improve. But, what should you read? Anything you like! If you enjoy what you read, you will want to keep reading and practicing more. It is helpful to read things that are right for your English level. If what you read is too difficult, you might not understand it, and might want to give up. And if it is too easy, you might get bored. If you’re not sure of your level, sign up on to get a placement test.

Speak slowly

If you speak too fast, people might think that you are nervous. Speak clearly and slowly, so people can understand you properly and so you seem confident. Speaking slowly will also help you pronounce words properly. You will be able to identify the mistakes you are making. You must speak slowly when you practice English, and one of the best ways to practice is to read every day.

Read every day

Read something in English every single day. Read a comic, a short story, anything! But it is important to read something at your level and start simple. The more you practice, the better you will get! Just like any other language, it is important to read full sentences when you are practicing English. Do not only practice new words. Reading full sentences will allow you understand the rhythm and flow of the English language. Another good way to do this is to practice speaking with a partner.

Practice speaking English with a partner

Think of this method as a sport. When you play sports with other people, you can learn and practice with them to get better. Similarly, when you feel confident speaking by yourself, it is a good idea to practice speaking English with someone else. Speaking in front of someone and learning with them is a great way to build confidence. It will allow you speak in public without worrying about how you sound. Practicing English with a partner can also allow you to correct yourself and help you understand if you were making any mistakes.

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