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Preface: We have intentionally used our career portal to get your details for hiring of Remoter Working Associates (RWA)  or Remote Process Associates (RPA)   so that you understand the type of cloud-based system we have 

  1. About MAGNA:  MAGNA Global HR is a two decade old  Executive Search, Recruitment Consulting and Recruitment Software development Company having customers in 3 continents. MAGNA Global developed and owns cloud Recruitment Platform SURPaaS. SURPaaS  – Seamlessly Universal Recruitment Platform as a Service is a technological platform due to which we can work like a cohesive team from anywhere in the world, without being physically next to each other or coming to office. MAGNA creates innovative services for different employer organizations which include online services too. 
  2. The Opportunity: Thanks to SURPaaS - it has opened a number of Home working /business and part time Home working opportunity, in the field of Recruitment, HR or Recruitment Process Outsourcing, for those who prefer to operate from home. All one requires is just an internet connection. One can choose a type of assignments, depending upon one’s capability, Most of the time it does not require any travel outside the home. It can also give decent income and satisfaction. It can also lay a foundation for long-term and nice paying profession or career in Recruitment Consulting or process outsourcing. 
  3. Who can be an RPA: The job is ideal for educated ladies who would not travel outside their home but otherwise any one from any age profile and experience can be an RPA. You can be a student or Retired Professional or someone who have taken a sabbatical to attend family needs. There are no restrictions. MAGNA wishes to create a network of RPA and use this redundant resources to benefit all. Already more than 100 RPA have had a successful stint. 
  4. Training:  MAGNA Global provides online training on how to use software and conduct business. It is easy to learn and be proficient at.
  5. Equipment needed at Home: All one need is a Desktop/ Laptop with internet connection , Mobile phone and sufficient space in the house to ensure no background sounds and disturbance.
  6. Association - This is not an employment opportunity. It is a business association wherein one gets paid for the work done by the one. However going further it may fructify into some hourly/daily or monthly fixed earnings also. 
  7. Details - For  FAQs  click on   the link 
  8. The process to become  an RWA: 
    1. Read the Job description 
    2. Download document from the link 
    3. Fill the screening questionnaire 
    4. Upload the duly signed agreement and other documents requested 
    5. Screening at our end 
    6. Verification 
    7. Signing of the agreement 
    8. Payment of Training fee 
    9. Start of training 
    10. Start of the work 


        Work requires: one or some of the below mentioned 

  1. calling this candidate over the phone and confirm interest .( you get resume , contact number other needed details online) 
  2. Search online from different sources information on Industry , Company, Person etc. - you get instructions only and you deposit information in a structured information 
  3. Verify information - you may get contact number or information, which may have to verify after calling that number 
  4. Finding contact details - you may get the synopsis or resume without contact number - you may have to call that person's office line to get his direct line, email and /or cell number from the person himself or his/her colleagues.  update information online
  5. Creating a Synopsis - We give person and his contact details - you will connect to get his full career details. Not the CV.
  6. Get information on an organization - You will get instructions online to get information on the organization structure or who;s who in a particular industry 
  7. Data Entry of the information in online infrastructure 
  8. Conducting Surveys 
  9. Telemarketing - Those who have done business development in past can do so 
  10. Interview organizing 

Follow ups 

How work is offloaded? Work is largely offloaded though Surpass. And occasionally via email 

  1. When to complete the work? Work has to be finished in 24 hours. One can take work as per one’s capacity to handle. WA is judged and ranked on quality, punctuality, and quantity of the work done 
  2. Rate & Payment: There are the different rate for different work which is prespecified and bills are settled on the monthly basis. By 15th of a month for the work done in the preceding calendar month
  3. Agreement - you will have to sign an agreement and also No Disclosure Agreements
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Candidate Profile

  1. Any one , who is minimum Graduate , speaks Fluent English and have some previous corporate experience are preferred  for RWA 
  2. Education - No Restriction but minimum Graduation 
  3. Age - No restriction - 18 years to 80 years 
  4. Experience - Preferred in a role that need interacting with people than silent desk job. However it is not mandatory 
  5. Gender - Any however 90% happens to Female 
  6. Environment at Home - you need a quiet  place ( a room - study or bedroom ) that does not have background noise or disturbance while you talk on the phone 
  7. Working Hours - You should be willing to work at least for 5 hours a day. You can choose the time for yourself. The most productive time for the work is 2 PM to 10 PM 
  8. Earning - There is no assumed monthly income - It will all depends on your work. However one can expect to make upto 20000/- per month of regular working for at least eight hours and doing higher end works. 

Skills Required

  • Posted by: Sushant Salvi
  • Company : Magna Global
  • Location: Thane,  (Maharashtra)
  • Job based in:
    Recruitment/Talent Acquisition
  • Job type: Work From Home
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