Beneficial online training modules to help our women lift up their career.

• The training modules have been designed to offer training on the most lucrative job prospects using the Internet.
• With our trainings and tutorials, you will be able to learn new skills that will help you to earn income well.
• Once you complete your training, you can go ahead in the world of online work-at-home jobs.
• These are Certified Online programs from with Placements to kick start working.

Take your career in a new direction

Upgrade your skills

Learn on your schedule

We, at GharSeNaukri will support WOMEN through every step of journey to success. Your responsibility will be to set some exciting goals, manage your time and keep a positive attitude knowing that with consistent and persistent efforts, you will succeed. We specialize in providing training to our registered members to meet the diversity recruitment goals of employers in every industry.

Learn English online with live teacher classes

Learn to speak English with EnglishBolo to advance your career : Use discount code EBGSN50

  • Learn online on your mobile phone or computer, anytime, anywhere
  • Tools to help Improve pronunciation and vocabulary
  • Set classes as per your convenience
  • Friendly Teachers to help you practice speaking

Fees : 999/-
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Candle Making Hobby Or Serious Business

Experienced Candle Trainer, Anjita S will provide you all the help and support to start learning the craft of making Candles at home. Learn the basics and Advance of Candle Making. Learn to make candles in different shapes, sizes and fragrances. It's simple and easy. All you need is a passion to learn something new. It can be your hobby or your favorite past time. And you never know when this small training can help you to start your candle business too.

Fees : 99/- Plus Taxes
Connect Mentor Online

Learn the Art of Chocolate Making

Chocolate Making is an art, believe in the making. How about learning the art of making chocolates at SIABA (Smriti’s International Academy of Bakery Arts)? At SIABA, chocolate making is fun and interesting. We use different themes to make learning this art all the more enjoyable and interactive. For special occasions like Mothers Day, Fathers Day or any festive Occasions, we arrange workshops where both the parent and the kid learn the skill and create chocolates together. Start your own chocolate business with mentoring and complete guidance at every step so that you learn and grow on your own.

Fees : 99/- Plus Taxes
Connect Mentor Online

Home Tutoring

This program imparts all the soft skills necessary to help you become a successful tutor in your area of your expertise. It teaches you how to leverage technology to reach out to people who cannot be physically present for the classes through tools such as Skype. It teaches you how to market and brand yourself and help you run home tuitions professionally.

What will this course cover?

  • Purpose, Goals and Types of Tutoring
  • Core Teaching Skills and Competencies
  • Student Engagement
  • Tutor Roles and Techniques of Tutoring
  • Planning a Tutoring Session
  • Resources for Tutoring
  • Tutoring from Home
  • Techniques of Marketing
Fees : 1499/- Plus Taxes
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Freelance Writing

This program will help you become a skilled freelance writer and tap into the opportunities in this field. It will help you master the basic skills needed to become a writer, understand different writing styles and identify your own niche. After taking this program, you will be able to write content for websites, journals, blogs, twitter, etc and develop a career in any of the emerging areas such as food, travel, or technology writing.

What will this course cover?

  • Understanding the basics
  • Determining what to write
  • Categories in writing
  • The audience
  • Writing right
  • Proof reading and editing
  • The Platform
  • How to get clients and make money
Fees : 1499/- Plus Taxes
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This program will help you start your own business and grow it. It will prepare you to become an entrepreneur by taking you through all essentials, starting with how to set up your own venture, how to get sales and how to expand your business. It will deal with all aspects of entrepreneurship including how to manage risk and get funding.

What will this course cover?

  • Identifying Opportunities
  • Evaluating Opportunities
  • Developing a Business Plan
  • Implementing the Plan
  • Evaluation of a Start-Up
  • Growing a Business
  • Funding
  • Availing Resources
  • Case Studies
Fees : 1499/- Plus Taxes
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Recruiting can be a great fit for somebody looking to work from home and earn a steady monthly income. This program will take you through all the steps necessary to kickstart your career as a tele-recruiter as well as what infrastructure you need, the soft skills, tools and tips that will make you successful.

What will this course cover?

  • Understanding the basics
  • The Industry
  • Job Types
  • Recruitment Tools
  • Channels of recruitment
  • Getting the Business
  • Business Requirements
  • Contract Terms and Invoicing
  • Relationship Management
Fees : 1499/- Plus Taxes
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This course gives you an understanding of the digital world and how it has fundamentally changed the way we work, the way we live and the way do business. It introduces you some of the current concepts in digital and gives you an understanding of the importance of being a digital professional no matter what your profession is, in today's world.

Fees : 999/- Plus Taxes
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No matter what you want to do, this program will give you the tools that will help you succeed professionally and build a successful career without having to travel every day to a 9-to-5 job. From personal branding and presentation skills to time management and communication, this program encapsulates all the essential skills needed to succeed professionally in today's world.

Fees : 999/- Plus Taxes
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