Thought Process Behind This Venture

There is no denying the fact that today we see Indian women making a mark in every field, be it in science, technology, art, music, culture, education, sports, politics, or in entrepreneurship. But, at the same time, there is no denying the fact not all women in India are fully empowered. We have seen under many circumstances, women tend to give up their passion, dreams, professional lives only to remain as a "housewife", "homemaker" or "mom". We have seen many professional women giving up their jobs at the peak of their career due to family obligations, due to being a mother or for any other reasons. There are many women in the country, who are talented and skilful but their skills remain hidden within themselves, within the four walls of their home.
These women inspite of being educated, talented, skilful, experienced are not empowered in the real sense and are financially dependent on their husbands or parents. Keeping in mind this section of our society, was launched

We follow a professional approach towards women empowerment

We are a job portal exclusively for women. We are not a job portal, focusing on regular 9 to 5 jobs or jobs meant for urban professional women. We are different. We are the country's only job portal focusing on work-from-home, part-time, flexible jobs for women, which they can do conveniently from home as per their convenience and earn a good amount of money every month. And we are focusing on all types of jobs, not merely urban-centric but also jobs for women based in rural areas of our country. This portal is the right platform where in women who are not working at present can get jobs of their choice, be they in urban cities or rural villages, and earn a decent income for the family. It is not necessary that only when you step out of your home and enter the professional world, you are successful in life. No!!! You can be empowered and successful even if you are at home, provided you know the right approach to do something in life. Now, you don't need to remain just as a "stay-at-home mom". Where there is a will, there is a way!!! If you feel that you have the desired skills to do something in life, then you don't need to hold back.

Connect with us! Be empowered, be financially dependent!

Few years down the line, we have plans to touch the lives of millions of women not only in India, but also in the neighboring countries. In the words of Ajat Shatru, founder of, "There are more than 16 crore women, confined to their homes as homemakers. All these women have abilities, education and real latent talent, which is going to waste because society refuses to tap into it. I just wanted to help them do something gainful for themselves, without having to deal with the restrictions on their mobility".