Why GharSeNaukri

Before answering why, let us first know why do women need to work?

Working is a wonderful fixation as it gives a sense of purpose and fulfillment in life. There are a number of reasons for which a woman needs to work: you will be a happier and satisfied person, you will earn, you will be empowered to take your own decisions, you will enjoy a happier marriage, you will enjoy freedom, you will become a role model for your kids, your education and skill will not go waste, you will have an identity of your own, you will be in better control of your life and many more.

Why do women leave their work?

But, then it is seen that many women abandon their careers midway due to various personal and professional reasons. Women after marriage or after being a mom are compelled by circumstances to focus more on the home rather than the career. One often feels that work outside home is impossible when you have to look after a child. Often, there is lack of family support. Lack of mobility also compels women to give up their work. Not to forget office competition, gender inequality, office stress, health, travelling which all combine together to force a woman to leave her job or not work at all. All these ultimately create a huge drain in the talent pipeline.


The founders of GharSeNaukri designed this Career Portal for Women platform especially for Indian women, many of whom are forced either by society or by circumstances to stay at home. This is the only job portal in the country which is focusing on providing employment services to Women. In our country today, Indian homemakers who have abilities, education and real talent constitute an invisible workforce of around 16 crores. It is for these women of our country that is designed to help them do something gainful for themselves, without having to deal with the restrictions on their mobility.

Women can register themselves, while browsing on to Work From Home Jobs, Part Time Jobs, Freelancing Jobs, Restart Career Options and Women Entrepreneurship Opportunities. That is what makes different from others.

Be Empowered and Be Independent!!!

Our aim is to empower every woman in our country. We help a woman to perfectly balance her professional and personal life.