Safety Tips for Women: Get the "Watch Over You" App

We all talk about women safety. We all know how staying out is dangerous for women, whether you are living in a metro city or in a remote place anywhere in India. Rapes, eve-teasing, physical assault, acid attacks, stalking have become a common scenario in today’s society. What do you do? Your safety is your first priority and it is in your own hands to a certain extent.

Presenting below few safety tips for women to follow in their routine life:

Self defense

First of all, it is always advisable to get yourself trained in some kind of self-defense training, like as Martial arts, kick boxing, taekwondo and so on. Some quick actions like knowing to kick on the groin or blocking punches or throwing the attacker onto the ground (when attacked from the back) are helpful. Atleast, these self-defense techniques will give you a chance to scare away your assaulter.

Be extra cautious when alone on the streets

  • If you feel that someone is following you, stop and wait for the person to pass by
  • You can move fast and go to the area where there are more people around
  • Try to get out of that place immediately

Sixth sense

At times, your "Sixth sense", "Gut instinct" or "Intuition" plays a major role. If you get the slightest hint that the place or the person with whom you are interacting is not safe for you, trust this intuition of yours and avoid such places and persons immediately.

Pepper Spray

Carry a pepper spray with you. This can give sometime for the predator to step back while you can escape. You can also keep keys, bottle in your handbag to inflict damage to your attacker.

Speed dialing

Keep few emergency contact numbers on your mobile phone on the speed dialing mode

Download "Watch Over You": An App for your Safety

Watch Over You, India’s first-ever private emergency response company has come up with this using safety app for women “Watch over You” to provide immediate assistance or save you from any threat. The app can also be used to provide you immediate help in times of accidents and other emergency needs. For more details, check out and Watch Over You is dedicatedly working towards empowering women and helping them achieve financial independence. Considering the fact that women’s safety is very important, we are proud to be associated with Watch Over You to provide timely help to our women community as and when required. For any kind of help that you require, whether at home or outside,

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Now, safety is in your hands. Let us provide safety and protection to our women to help them to rise in life.